Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas in College

Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas in College

Cute College Ideas to Keep Valentines Day Hot in College
Keep it sexy, & get CONSENT if it gets physical

If you’re like me you’re single and ready to mingle every year for Valentines Day; hoping for a secret admirer to sweep you off your feet and pay for your lobster dinner…but if you’re a college student please |Make the Wise Choice and keep reading

WARNING READERS MUST BE 18+ EXPLICIT MATERIAL & affiliate links are present at no extra cost

We’re here to discuss:

  • How to Love Yourself, if You’re Single Valentine’s Day
  • Sex-Tips and Advice from a Former College Virgin
  • Best Types of Protection: Condoms & Birth Control
  • Ways to Keep Your Relationship Spicy (safely)

Loving You on Valentine’s Day


Let’s talk about self-love.

Don’t let America’s need for the material make you feel inferior if you’re single this “love” holiday.

I’m always single so mom does her part to: buy me candy, give money, buy decor for my house, a card, dinner… she goes out of her way to lift my spirits and I truly love her for that.

My bff of 8 years M (who’s also single) and I go out for drinks, dinner, and whatever little shopping catches our eye, February 14th.

We are careful to not focus on not having anyone, don’t let that depress you.

LOVE YOU FIRST! Pick 1 from each category below to show you how

  • Other ways to practice self love is to treat yourself to a few gift items: perfume/cologne, new clothes/ shoes, bath set, new makeup, books, etc…

Valentine’s Day Dinner for YOU!

  • College usually requires that we crunch on numbers for dinner and it’s hard to cook for just two, but look at my Pinterest to try meals like salmon & asparagus, filet mignon & shrimp surf & turf on a budget…

Or make a homemade romantic dinner you enjoy. Crying over your ice cream isn’t an option.

Make Someone Else feel Loved, or Appreciated

  • Typically Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Often University’s have “Candy Grams” or something similar where students spend $2, then candy or a flower is delivered to someone of your choice…anonymously or not.
  • Or, to your friend saying “Love that you’re in my life- BFFS Forever.”
  • Send one to your college crush who you only know by face- leave your name and number if you’re too shy
  • Overall, it would just break my heart for anyone to be sad on V-Day…

So spread the love, and love is the only thing we want to spread on a college campus so please | Make the Wise Choice and keep reading

V-Day SEX Advice From A Former College Virgin

If Valentine’s Day is going to be your first time, or whether it’s not and you’re looking for what turns her on I always recommend switching up foreplay to begin. Women take time to ‘turn on;’ it can be hard to teach patience in a society that is accustomed to instant gratification.

Set the Mood?

Run their bath and light candles

Play a personalized music playlist, low red lighting optional

Dinner at home & thoughtful/ romantic gifts like: lingerie.

Buy her: books, makeup-remover, perfume or a pair of shoes she’ll like.

How to Please Her Without Asking How

Relax her, let her enjoyment be the goal for at least 30 minutes. No penetration just: massages, kisses, sweet whispers in her ear, love bites along her ears, neck, nipples, thighs, and stop.

By now you should know, or check to see if she’s ready, still remember the goal. Plus, her extra enjoyment will create and increase yours.

If your partner consents (have the adult conversation of personal boundaries & safewords beforehand)

Now (facing her) the G spot is located 2 inches deep and either to the left or the right, slowly and gently try to find this spot inside, towards the ‘front’ of the vagina.

Begin with one finger to search for the G-Spot, while you “harden” your tongue against the clitoris. Different women prefer different amounts of pressure. Until sure, begin at the clitoris licking with semi-force in a clockwise, then counter clockwise motion.

Word to the Wise: Listen for moans, gasps, sighs, and even “jfsajkfhourcndeg” type noises ? Look for: curling toes, shaking & clenching legs, wetness, and she may resist the pleasure as the clitoris’ 4,000 nerve endings may rejoice collectively.

Begin to slowly work 1 or 2 finger(s) in and out, finding the G-Spot will be telling, and still you may ask “Here?” “There?” “Do you like that?”

Lick with love, slowly, from the vagina to the clitoris and back. Applying the most pressure at the clitoris, begin clock rotation, once back to the vagina insert your tongue- pleasing the opening, which is very sensitive itself- after this use the head of the penis to pleasure her.

By now, she may feel teased. Enjoy the pleasure you’ve caused her, look into her eyes, and continue to taste and tease until you’re both ready to begin.

College Condoms & Birth Control

Trojan Bareskin vs Trojan Pleasure Pack

Okay couples who are looking to try anal, or just in general want to heat things up and put a new spin on it; I did a survey on which of the two are better.

I asked college age women 18-24 their preference and 9 out of 10 claimed the Warming and/or Intense Condoms made their vagina/sex too warm, or just outright uncomfortable.

I took their word for it!

Ladies too, if you’re sexually active buy condoms to keep and use as needed. I hate condoms, believe me. I hate diseases more, and I’m sure no one wants an unintended pregnancy.

Personally, I recommend using both Nuvaring & Magnum Bareskin condoms. 100% No chance of pregnancy or STD’s/STI’s. Read my advice for college virgins here.

Best Birth Control for Busy College Women

Call in Nuvaring

I didn’t want a lot of the heavily advertised BC available, and I chose a BC that would benefit me more than hurt. I explain all the reasons why I love my Nuvaring below.

This isn’t a paid promo either, all just my biased opinion. You should accept all sexual responsibility for your own actions, and receive advice from reputable licensed health care professionals, of which I am not.

Spot on App gives me facts on Nuvaring
Spot On gives facts on Nuvaring. Click Pic for more info

My beloved birth control Nuvaring: doesn’t add weight, helps with acne, I’m in control of my period, extra-wetness is a possible side effect and a lot more of its benefits are explained here.

Lubricate Sex only with WATER based lubes (oil will break the condom)

I buy water-based KY Jelly lube.

Read the How My $200 Birth-Control is Free in College

Word to the Wise: Buy The Plan B Pill or any other over the counter Emergency Morning-After Sex and stick it inside your medicine cabinet.

Per their instructions – emergency contraceptive pills are NOT to be used as a Birth Control, nor if you’re already pregnant.

If for intended use: Take one pill as soon as possible after unprotected sex. Waiting increases chances of pregnancy. You’re out of time if after 3-5 days later.

Order Morning After Pills these will be shipped to you

If you still have questions like, “What exactly is in the Plan -B Pill?” contact the experts at Planned Parenthood, they do a lot of good and provide invaluable help to women.

How to Spice Up Your Relationship

Talk. Speak honestly about what you enjoy, what can be improved on, and what can be achieved. That is to say that more listening than talking should be happening. If you struggle to explain, ‘show’ in the moment. For example, If your spouse kisses too roughly, detach, tell them “slow down,” then demonstrate. When they please you, say something. Encourage all inhibitions being let down. See items below for a few recommendations.

My Faves

All in all, other celebrating Black History Month, February is all about love and loving oneself.

I would like to think that some parts of this post will help someone have a better Valentine’s Day

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Any wise words?

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