Twas the Night Before College

Twas the Night Before College

what to pack for college

What do you do the Night Before UNI Begins?

If you’re a freshman you’re probably nervous and excitedly planning your outfit.

In this post we’re going to talk about

  • Textbook discounts, and ways to save
  • the BEST college course schedule for college students.
  • What to do the night before class starts
  • What I pack to survive the day
  • How to Study (even if you never had to before)

Look, as a senior in college I can say that I do a quick run to Walmart and pick up: college ruled paper, a new binder, papermate erasable pens, and 5 folders for 0.15 cents each.

There’s no ‘1st Day Back’ outfit picked because the weather and desired level of comfort will decide for me.

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What I Pack for Class Night Before

  • My Planner
  • 2-2.5 Inch Binder w/ 8 Subject Dividers
  • .7 Lead pencils
  • Erasable Pens
  • HELLA SNACKS…like seriously
  • Bottled juice/water

If you have questions on what to pack MOVING IN to college… keep scrolling

But really, don’t wait until the night before to get yourself together.

Word to the Wise: Be sure to pre-pack your backpack EVERY NIGHT before class the next day. There is nothing worse than getting to your 9am class with the wrong book.

Words to Consider

I hope you bought an academic planner

to keep it together because you will need it. R

Having a color-coded and accurate system to keep up with your assignment due dates is essential to maintaining hardcore A+ GPA…Tips on how to study for the student who never had to

Fool- Proof Way To Study

7 Wise Features of a College Student Planner

  • Full Month Calendar
  • My Notes Sidebar
  • Weekly By Hour Planner
  • Measurements
  • Periodic Table
  • Address Book
  • Website & Password Page

Best College Schedule for College Students

How I worked 3 jobs while paying for college
Best Advice on Time Management and Job Scheduling Tips

I even found the best way to schedule your classes. FAFSA Requires 12. Your advisor 15. Listen to your stress level…

Wake up for online classes or attend: M-F 9am -3 pm

Only allow yourself 1 night class if you can help it, and try to avoid classes that meet once a week. (assignments will be due at once, and attendance is critical to your GPA)

Word to the Wise: Make time for yourself, and buy your books from If you didn’t know Athena’s Purse is the place for FREE Shipping on Textbook Rentals and Chegg Study and more.

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2019 Chegg Coupons for Free Shipping

Other Wise Words

Fill your planner by the hour and manage your time wisely.

Make campus for school, and dorm for fun. It’ll help alleviate burnout.

Try to get a side hustle, or job to save some money

Dorm Haul

I packed the whole world when I moved and I don’t regret doing so. I was never without what I needed.

I created a fully printable PDF pages to help you Make the Wise Choice | Athena’s Purse

Ultimate College Checklist
Take it from someone who has already been there. 2 PAGES FULL of all you’ll need and more.

What Not To Pack: Candles, Nails, Hot-Plates, TV 33 inches +

Don’t Forget: Shower Shoes, Robe, First Aid Kit, Plan B and more…

My Faves:

And yes I wrote this the night before. Be Wiser than me

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Any wise words?

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