Travel Hacks: How I Only Spent $100 in New Orleans

Travel Hacks: How I Only Spent $100 in New Orleans


I love the city of New Orleans. I love it for every reason you could imagine.

I drool over the food: beignets, praline, crawfish, and prawn shrimp.

I gorge my eyes on its architecture, nearly every centimeter holds some type of historical significance.

That the memories you make will last forever as well…

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3 Tips to Enjoy NOLA Properly

Aside from the obvious tourist attractions like: Bourbon Street, The French Quarter, The French Market, Frenchmen Street, Lafayette Cemetery, etc. understand that MOST OF the things you want to see are pretty close together…which means a lot of walking.

1). Get your hotel in the city of New Orleans, as close to Bourbon St./French Quarter. Typically it’s a 30 minute commute if you stay ‘over the bridge.’

Book as close to your desired destination as possible. It’s better to pay the extra money or you’ll be paying it in Uber.

2) Purchase a Trolley Day Pass for a whopping $3.00. I don’t care if you’re just shopping for the day.

The trolley will do most of the leg work for you as it runs along many popular tourist attractions. Pass Expires by time of purchase next day.

Make the Wise Choice | Read my reviews on the NOLA world famous eats

3) There aren’t many public restrooms or places to rest. So take advantage of eateries while you are a paying customer.

Bonus: Popular sweet treats like: pralines, fudge, taffies, etc are usually sold by the pound. So split cost of treats with friends, family, or strangers- it’s NOLA.

To Party: Peek side: Bourbon, Frenchman Street

Must Eats: Commander’s Palace*, Brennan’s, Neyow’s Cafe keep reading…

Below is the Riverboat Buffet good food and bar ordered from best tasting to least tasty.

1) Roast & Horse Radish 2) Crawfish and Shrimp Penne 3) Pesto Pasta 4) Green Bean Almondine 5) Creamed Spinach 6) Pork 7) Potato Logs



New Orleans Day 1

To get our day started my bff and I planned a day full of eating, drinking and fun. Well it took awhile to get to the fun. But once in the city I found a public parking garage that charged $10 for all day parking. (It’s located to the left of the Riverwalk mall) Parking is limited… and it was full. Our second option was equal, but farther away and $2.00 more.

Next stop was to walk Bourbon and get a drink right? Wrong. I will occasionally drink Apple Crown Whiskey, but I am not a drinker. So I got a little buzz and went about my way. Mostly we wanted to sight-see, and look around.

I had about $250 but I was not comfortable spending that entire amount on shopping and food.

Money Spent from my NOLA Budget

After catching dinner and a movie total: $35.00

Entry to the Hustler Strip Club: Free (it was lunch time)

Window Shopping Riverwalk Mall: $20.00 (Cafe Dumont & 5 Guys)

Trolley Day Pass: $3.00

Edible Truck: $20.00

Picture with Python for BFF: $5.00

Donation for Art: $1.00

To Cut Costs

  1. Split price of gas/hotel/snacks etc
  2. Ate breakfast at hotel
  3. Ate dinner leftovers as bedtime meal or cheap dinner $7 or less

Be a Wise Tourist

Understand what a tourist trap is. Tourism demands that people get hungry, thirsty, and need to use a bathroom. Usually these needs can all be met inside restaurants, which means money being spent.

Seafood Pizza from Deanie's Seafood NOLA

My shrimp, scallop, and crab pizza I got somewhere near Bourbon Street at Deanie’s Seafood

When I travel I order a heavy appetizer, or lunch; as I can’t tote the food with me and shop but this time..

I did not go shopping. Because I wanted to avoid impulse buying I was vigilant to save my money for experiences. I enjoyed the scenic route on the trolley most of all.

So if a $20 shirt costs the same as a $20 Guided Tour I would choose the tour.

Meet people who think differently from you, and soak in some of the city’s culture.

Enjoy your time! But I promise by thinking outside the box you should spend money on memories. For all the clothes you buy you only have one body.

Art Exhibit Photo Bomb

Send me a picture of you in front of this, or ANY art exhibit next time you’re in NOLA.

Make the Wise Choice | Check out Royal St. for awesome art; and unique gifts!

Travel Hacks to Save You Money

Now what if you want to travel, but even more frugally than I did. Well I agree there are ways…

If possible take a train, or bus, or drive, because airfare is expensive…but not if you know where to look.

Option 1 Student Universe


If you are YOUNGER THAN 26, OR a STUDENT sign-up with Student Universe for discounts on airfare

Or you can use my FAVE Hopper.


Why I recommend this app to all travelers

  • Hopper watches the prices of flights
  • Predicts rises and fall of cost
  • Tells you to wait, or ‘book now’ based on price of ticket
  • Shows you a color-coded calendar with dates of flights ranging from least expensive- green to most expensive-red

It takes all the hard work out of shopping for flights.

I booked in April for a roundtrip flight from Jackson, Mississippi to New York for $449.60

(Travel Hacks: New York Edition. Coming soon to a cracked screen near you)

Travel Hack: Hotels vs Airbnb

Well look, I love glamping as much as the next girl and a fully loaded continental breakfast NEVER HURT ANYONE okay. Personally, when I travel I look up my choice hotels on sites like Booking because their UI is simple, but I don’t book through the website.

Instead, I call the hotel and ask questions; tell them I’m traveling for work, and ask if they can meet my requirements and schedule. I never use travel sites because even though it says they don’t profit I refuse to believe that.

Try it for yourself and see if by booking the room online vs on the phone there will almost certainly be a hole in your wallet.


If you are traveling alone I’d recommend Airbnb private room option instead of a hostel.

I don’t think its wise to travel solo, but sometimes it’s necessary.

  • Airbnb offers Superhosts: people verified as superb Hosts that provide extra TLC to travelers
  • Allows you to see the home/room and communicate with your potential host
  • You have the option to Host at your own house

Top Travel Accessories that did NOT leave my side: Ray Bans Wayfarers, portable battery charger, Adidas fanny pack.

To conclude this post about my Travel Hacks remember the following:

  • Never book on hotel sites. Call instead
  • Book airfare ahead and on Hopper 😉
  • Split Cost as much as possible
  • Don’t fall for Tourist traps just follow my Travel Hacks

Any wise words?

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