Top 5 Things Every College Girl Wanted From My Dorm Room

Top 5 Things Every College Girl Wanted From My Dorm Room


There are so many things you won’t think you need for college, but all of these objects people wish they had thought of.

I love little touches of home because I’m a huge introvert. But a lot of colleges don’t have many ways that allow us to decorate, or even be positive your personal items are secured away from your roommate.

If hotels have safes, why don’t all dorms? Just wondering 😉

This Post Talks about Gifts I Brought with Me to College

I promise TONS OF PEOPLE, mostly other girls, asked me about these ALL the time.

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1) A Safe

Everyone needs somewhere to put important documents, and information. This safe is shaped like a book, and comes with a key lock. It is a little on the small side, but remember your giant 2 ton safe the when Moving Day comes.

2) Surge Protector ( I recommend two depending on room size)

Hey I love having a phone charger that I can skip rope with, but a problem I didn’t think about was my room had a total of 8 sockets. All of which, I had to share with another person. And don’t forget other electronics like: TV, printer, candle warmer, coffee maker, etc.
So be sure you get at least one of these, you may miss it later.

3) Wax Warmer (Most colleges don’t allow candles in dorms)
Scent is a big deal, and a very overlooked gift from home. Silly as this sounds I would have my mom seal a few puffs of her perfume in an envelope that I kept in a drawer. And yes, opening it and smelling home had a very calming affect on my mood.

Conversely, a girl I had never met before sat beside me smelling of fresh laundry. She smelled like my best friend, and I almost cried. THAT is how homesickness hits you. True story. Send your college kid, or yourself a small token of home.

A favorite scent, or candle wax warmer will soothe the soul, add a hot bath = perfect relaxation time. And I swear, they’ll love you.

4) Portable Mirror
This is the most asked about thing I ever owned in college!!! I NEED the tri-fold design to do my eyebrows, and blend my makeup. I also had an undercut at this time, and used the angles of the mirror to cut my hair correctly. I would sit it on my desk and fold it up for storage when I was finished.

My Fave Jerdon Portable Makeup Mirror
Best Money I EVER SPENT ON MYSELF! Portable, Front Facing Plug-in, Adjustable LIghts and Reversible Mirror (Reg. & Magnifying) 4 Different Light Settings, and Adjustable Angles

I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond, a Jerdon, for about 40 bucks.

  • Front Facing Plug-In
  • 4 Lighting Options
  • Adjustable Angles
  • Rotating Magnifying Mirror
  • Regular Vanity Mirror

Two years later, and 1000+ miles traveled I still love it.

But the one below is the most highly recommended makeup mirror on Amazon; thinner, and cheaper than mine, and has way better recommendations than the one I own now.

So by all means let me know how you love it.

5) Emergency
Its a sad truth that in college, “boys buy condoms, girls buy mace.” I forgot who said it first, but it’s still very true today. Dangling innocuously close to your keys may be a very illegal product bouncing around your key chain-pepper spray. Therefore, get a taser 🙂 lol no but really double check your UNI rules before buying one!

First Aid Kit

Moving Day-
First I have never been so tired, nor admired helpful RAs more than Moving Day, but thats another post for another day. I also bruised the hell out of my body arranging the beds/furniture, and I sliced my finger moving a few things around. It is very frustrating, and kind of a ‘duh’moment when you realize you don’t even have a band-aid, nor a bottle of aloe vera gel for that first oven burn.

Once word got out that ‘Doorress has (a) ____’ I became their freaking mom lol

Buy 1 kit, you’ll probably never have to buy another one, but I guarantee you will NEED something from one eventually it’s better to have one on hand.

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I hope this at least gives you some gift ideas for you or your college student



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  1. I knew a few people who would carry x-acto knives with them because they weren’t seen as a weapon but definitely could be used like one if it came down to it.

    I wish I had a lot of these things when I was in college. Especially the wax warmer, but they weren’t very popular when I was a student. lol

    XO Steph

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