The Dream Girl Brunch | Review

Imagine walking into a chic bubble bath, warm, and soothing, complete with mimosas and delicate pink velvet waffles.

pink carpet dream girl brunch
Walking in my purpose like

No seriously, it was a dream…

The Dream Girl Brunch served to provide answers to an open floor of aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, and every lady boss in between.

Additionally, there were specific opportunities to network and meet other professionals and make business connections. There is a profound sense of fulfillment one receives after attending an event full of intelligent, humble, successful, black women entrepreneurs.

Dreamgirl Panelists

Stormi Beasley, also known as Stormi Steele, is well known on instagram as @canvasgirlbeauty.

Steele intentionally invited speakers with backgrounds similar to herself, and she did her homework well. Black owned: venues, party planners, hosts, panelists, entrepreneurs, bartenders, photographers, entertainment, and vendors. Follow her IG below to see who helped create this masterpiece! Everyone who catered or serviced the event, contributed to the attendee’s sense of empowerment and were also black, educated, and exhibited warm energy.

  • Founder of Canvas Beauty and The Dreamgirl Brunch Stormi Steele
  • Host Inez Doe Owner of UFancii
  • Krystte Nicole Johnson Owner of Her Secret Garden
  • Loreal Jones Owner of The Beauty Life Brand
  • Amber Jones Owner of Life Key Financial Group

Sisterhood Was Created and Encouraged

The event was void of jealous or envious vibes, as both the attendees and panelists conversed and interacted with everyone as if they knew them already. I came alone, but I never felt lonely.

Several women volunteered conversation, and their superb selfie abilities. Compliments flowed as sweet and free as my fruit filled raspberry mimosa. No smile seemed stiff, or laughter forced. I even made a networking friend, Mimi; who decided to sponsor our giveaway. Her compliment to me,

“I read vibes, and your energy told me all I needed to know; we’ll keep in touch.”

Mimi | Owner @ miminkz_

Steele offered packages that allowed the business creatives to purchase the rights for footage, an interview, and have a photoshoot while attending the event. This is a value most do not include in their packages.

I enjoyed the Dream Girl Garden Experience, the pink carpet, interview, professional photoshoot and more.

We were allowed to use her beautiful event as a backdrop ? I am not the most photogenic, but I tried y’all.

Can you tell I’m nervous?
Shirt – MK
Pants -Ross
Shoes -Payless
Purse Pictured Later – Gucci

I wanted to go all out and be stylish and classy like my personal best dressed, Mimi; but I was scared to ruin my interview trying to look too cute & not be taken seriously.

The ladies pictured are beautiful souls, and ambitious! I’ll even share MY new boss lady bff.

Beautiful Mimi lash entrepreneur; one of many new friends.
SO pretty I made a gif out you girl lol

How to Network When You Feel Out of Place

I’m not raking in millions from the words you’re reading now. How can I fit into a room where I can’t keep up? A goldfish in a koi pond.

‘Leaving fear behind’ a point Steele made, and one that I stepped out on by attending her Dreamgirl Brunch and afterparty. I am happy I did not stay in that place of fear, or allow anxiety to keep me from getting answers to my questions; and meeting those who will instrumental in my field and future endeavors. Granted, I graduate May 2021 and I attended an event for business owners. Though at first I was apprehensive, I NEVER felt out of place. To top it off I met two other writers, two mentors, and a sponsor to support a giveaway. WIN! WIN! What’s not to like?

A fairytale castle fit for black queens…

After I looked around, I realized that I belonged because everyone in that brunch shared the same mindset. Determination and perseverance tells me that my current situation can change if I am open to implementing my own success. Being consistent leads to attaining one’s dreams.

Speak Up

If you have an opportunity to speak, introduce yourself and what you represent as the spokesperson for your business or skill set.

Insist that people follow your social handles, offer your business card, and phone number.

Mingle! Don’t be a wallflower too shy to make connections, that’s a waste of time!

Paying It Forward

Before attending The Dreamgirl Event I purchased several items from Canvas Girl Beauty as I want to start a new hair care regimen. Therefore, in a smaller way; I want to pay her kindness forward by sharing my items with my readers.

Follicle Booster | Deep Conditioner | Natural Hair Growth Serum | Lash and Brow Growth Serum

Stormi was kind enough to include gift bags!

To promote myself, Stormi, and @adazmimi our Mystery Gift sponsor | Make the Wise Choice and share

Giveaway Details

Here’s a Hint: Mystery Gift Pairs with Lash Serum

  • Rule One – Follow Both my IG handles (_d.savage & athenas.purse)
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Word to the Wise: Re-enter as many times as you want BUT NO repeats of rule’s two and three. No tagging same friends, or sharing same post on the same platform. ***Update: WINNERS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN***

If I’m being honest with you, going to this event was the wisest thing I’ve done all year. I met exactly who I needed, S\O L & A.

You reading this, I also hope you consider attending, or throwing your own women’s empowerment brunch. Invite me and the review is free, lol it’s a joke =)

Sincerely, Doorress Anderson | Creator of Athena’s Purse

Dreamgirl brunch pink carpet
Dreamgirl Brunch Pink carpet ??? walking out as a BOSS

Any wise words?

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