Credit 101: How I Earned a 740 Credit Score in Two Years

People kill me saying college students shouldn’t get credit cards. Maybe they shouldn’t. But college is as good a time as any to learn how to manage life. The picture above is a screenshot of mine per Discover showing me where I rank. I’m also a third year college student. This is proof that you can do it. You can build a healthy credit score in only two years! ***I am not a financial expert nor advisor. By reading this you agree with the policy as listed in my disclaimer.

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Credit 101: APR vs Interest Rates in Loans

**I am not a financial adviser, nor by following these rules can I guarantee that will you see the same results, even if your situation is similar. Seek professional advice before making any final decisions. No information/ advice in this post is sponsored** What is Credit? We hear all references to terms like: interest rate, APR, and of  course DEBT…  We know that a credit score is important, but how do you get credit when you have none? Especially since bad credit is worse than not having any credit at all.. don’t worry I will explain 🙂 What is a Bad Credit Score? Credit, and or, a credit score helps lenders decide whether to approve you for a loan. Your credit score is a three digit number that is calculated from several different sources. If yours is 0 – need some milk. I have a post on how to help here. Word to the Wise: Shoot for credit score of 740, that will open just as many doors as a perfect score: which is 850. Real Life Example for why High Credit Scores Matter You don’t have thousands in cash, nor good credit, but you need a car. When you go to a car dealership you will probably need to take out a loan. (I will explain further in the post how to get the best rates.) The car you want costs 10,000, but let’s say you have no credit, which means no credit score either. You plan to make monthly payments, BUT the dealer has no idea whether you’ll be able to afford to pay on time. ( You want your notes to be around $270 or less; with good credit 700= they could be). Your credit score would have given them an indication of how well you are…

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Money 101: Best Ways to Build Great Credit without Credit Cards

I built my credit to 780 in two years. See how and what I did to grow

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