Saving 101: Money Saving Methods for Ballers on A Budget

  I know that it’s hard to save money when your income is inconsistent. This is a common problem among servers, bartenders, or even people who just don’t know how to save money. But it can be done AND there are different ways to fit every lifestyle. Short, medium, and long-terms ways to save money that help you meet your goal. Affiliate links are in this post, read full disclaimer here.   Organizing Your Bills Sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Life happens and deadlines move faster when money is owed. My friend asked me how I’m so good at adulting, and just overall how I stay on top of things. The secret is simple… Google Calendar. Download their Calendar app. You can color code Set event reminder for anything. Get reminders & alarms Easy & Simple layout You must know your due dates, and set reminders so that you have time to save and pay on time. Word to the Wise: With this system I have not forgotten a payment! I can see what, and how much is owed by putting that info in the title, setting reminder just incase.   Envelope Method I consider this a¬†Short Term Money Saving Method Make a trip to your local Dollar Tree, Walmart, or just grab a few business envelopes from around the house. Materials You May Need: Business Envelopes Sticky Notes Markers Pens Instructions for Envelope Method Write the Bill Name, Total, and Date on the Envelope (or on the Sticky Note in case any numbers change) When I used the envelope method I put the total and date on the envelope. Every time I got paid I would pay myself first by paying bills, make deposits into my savings, and then get the rest in cash. I would…

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