Cheap, Quick & Easy Meals for College Students- Walking Tacos

Sub for flank steak to make it better. This was the best way to use the Fritos no body seemed to want, and get my daily taco fix satisfied too.

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Simple Hair and Skin Care Routine for Natural College Girls

My hair and skin care routine for college girls. My LOC method, protective styles and what I recommend to keep away acne.

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College 101: Ex College Virgin’s Advice on Losing Your Virginity

Honest Advice on Sex and Love in College I Wish I Had…You may be thinking you want to give up your virginity. You feel horny, and frustrated, and want to just get IT over. Or you’re thinking about it. This is for you.

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10 Things Every College Woman Needs to Know

The realest advice you won’t read in brochures, or see on IG. Ten things every college woman needs to know

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College Advice: 10 Ways to Save Money On Textbooks


College is costly. Even if you have your funds mapped out to the last cent, your FAFSA has been filed for months and you’re all packed up and ready to go. College Freshmen I’m talking to you A week after classes start, you begin buying books. With your arms full of your future dust catchers you walk up to the counter to pay. The cashier scans your 6 books. Total for one semester $938.52. “I’d like to charge it to my account.” “I’m sorry, but you have to pay for these; you can’t charge it.” **Heart plummets because I thought I could charge it to my account; my wallet wilts** **affiliate links are present in this post** So just in case this might be you… 10 Ways to Save Money on Textbooks E-Books Rent Books, Don’t Buy when Possible Library Books Better World Books Amazon Chegg Join your College Freshman Group to hunt for textbooks others may be selling or join Athena’s Purse to ask if anyone has one for sell. Other Tips on Pinterest Compare for best prices but Chegg is my personal favorite, and I’m an affiliate with them 🙂 I’m soo blessed that a brand I love chose to work with me. I Recommend Chegg Cheaper than Amazon Rentals You can highlight text in the books You can extend your rental time, or purchase You can receive and send them back, all in the same box. I @ Chegg on Twitter once; see their response below If you sign up with me here, you get free shipping!!! College students Chegg is really helpful! They even offer tutors 24/7! When my book came in damaged, I made a tweet about it. They replied More Wise Ways to Save on TextBooks Wait to Buy Books No seriously.…

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College 101: Advice on Best Birth-Control for Busy Lives

Spot on app is best for college women

…Maybe you’re here from my post about how I get my free birth-control. Also info on Free BC RX, Annual Check-ups etc Track fertility, period symptoms, mood changes Tips on preventing pregnancy Get all your sex-related questions answered by the professionals Scroll down if you want info about: Nuvaring, Spot on, Plan B, Other methods of birth-control. By reading this you acknowledge that I, Doorress, am not a women’s healthcare professional, provider, nor adviser. Also, that all decisions should be made with the consultation of your (an) actual certified health care provider, which I and this blog are not Let’s Get it On I have tried all types of BC pills. I hated that they made my stomach ache severely; and I knew both from experience, astute observation, and finally OBGYN-confirmation that certain BC like the pill, or the shot DOES lead to an increase in weight gain, ranging from 5 lbs-20lbs + Also, long-term usage of some of BC can lead to issues with fertility. I did not want a contraceptive that would take too long to leave my system. After talking to my gynecologist, she and I decided that Nuvaring would be best for me. Next, I went to my local Planned Parenthood office, did the paperwork, they handled the rest, and the $185 bill every month 😉 Real PROS and CONS to Nuvaring The following list details some of the Health Benefits of Nuvaring, as listed by Planned Parenthood, per their website: Nuvaring may help prevent: acne bone thinning cysts in the breasts and ovaries ectopic pregnancy endometrial and ovarian cancers serious infections in the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and uterus iron deficiency (anemia) PMS (premenstrual syndrome) What I love most about Nuvaring I can pop it in, and I don’t have to think about it until I’m…

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