Why I Started My Blog Athena’s Purse

Why I started Blogging Don’t ask why. Ask why not. Your blog, Your Voice. It is your platform. You control the direction, and feel of your blog. It could be a personal journal that you keep hidden, or you can go through the few steps to make it legit. There’s a lot of money to be made if you monetize successfully… First thing you should do is find what you love to talk about: dig up the poetry journal you keep hidden, your journey with mental health, your love of fashion: the list is endless and yours to customize. I wanted Athena’s Purse to combine my two loves: saving money, and my undying love of poetry. Also, I felt like I should put my advice in one spot and share with as many people as possible. I Chose the name Athena’s Purse because… In Greek & Roman Mythology Athena/Minerva is the wisest child of Zeus. My logic is that if Athena needed an accountability partner she’d call me. As for purse, everyone knows EVERYTHING A WOMAN MAY NEED is in her purse… Athena’s Purse was born. If it’s a hobby for you then don’t look to invest money into it yet. But if you could maybe, possibly, kinda see yourself getting closer to marketing your blog as your brand; you should look into owning it. Word to the Wise: I recommend getting a free site with WordPress, and once you’re ready to own it, get a FREE site transfer from my beloved Siteground. Why You Should Start a Blog? Look at social media. Your life could change after a viral meme, or you could blow up like Cardi B. Step one is to get a heavy following. A blog is a good step towards having your own voice and platform,…

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