The Dream Girl Brunch | Review

Imagine walking into a chic bubble bath, warm, and soothing, complete with mimosas and delicate pink velvet waffles. No seriously, it was a dream… The Dream Girl Brunch served to provide answers to an open floor of aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, and every lady boss in between. Additionally, there were specific opportunities to network and meet other professionals and make business connections. There is a profound sense of fulfillment one receives after attending an event full of intelligent, humble, successful, black women entrepreneurs. Dreamgirl Panelists Stormi intentionally invited speakers with backgrounds similar to herself, and she did her homework well. Black owned: venues, party planners, hosts, panelists, entrepreneurs, bartenders, photographers, entertainment, and vendors. Follow her IG below to see who helped create this masterpiece! Everyone who catered or serviced the event, contributed to the attendee’s sense of empowerment and were also black, educated, and exhibited warm energy. Founder of Canvas Beauty and The Dreamgirl Brunch Stormi Steele Host Inez Doe Owner of UFancii Krystte Nicole Johnson Owner of Her Secret Garden Loreal Jones Owner of The Beauty Life Brand Amber Jones Owner of Life Key Financial Group Sisterhood Was Created and Encouraged The event was void of jealous or envious vibes, as both the attendees and panelists conversed and interacted with everyone as if they knew them already. I came alone, but I never felt lonely. Several women volunteered conversation, and their superb selfie abilities. Compliments flowed as sweet and free as my fruit filled raspberry mimosa. No smile seemed stiff, or laughter forced. I even made a networking friend, Mimi; who decided to sponsor our giveaway. Her compliment to me, “I read vibes, and your energy told me all I needed to know; we’ll keep in touch.” Mimi | Owner @ miminkz_ Stormi offered packages that allowed the business…

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50 Popular Holiday Gifts for College Students

50 Popular Christmas Gifts for College Students
Below are 25 Different 5 Gift Ideas for College Girls and Guys

My Top 10 Favorite Picks are included too Make the Wise Choice and Keep Reading

Parents sometimes need help in the right direction and sometimes so do we. Hell I looked up lists like this to help me better decorate or enjoy college.

Buying for Him or Her 
If you’re a guy trying to buy for a woman, think of

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Cheap, Quick & Easy Meals for College Students- Walking Tacos

Sub for flank steak to make it better. This was the best way to use the Fritos no body seemed to want, and get my daily taco fix satisfied too.

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Saving 101: My Huda & Fenty Beauty Make-Up Dupes

Don’t have to spend $40 to look great; I shop from Walmart and find the best Makeup Dupes to save you money.

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Why I Started My Blog Athena’s Purse

Why I started Blogging Don’t ask why. Ask why not. Your blog, Your Voice. It is your platform. You control the direction, and feel of your blog. It could be a personal journal that you keep hidden, or you can go through the few steps to make it legit. There’s a lot of money to be made if you monetize successfully… First thing you should do is find what you love to talk about: dig up the poetry journal you keep hidden, your journey with mental health, your love of fashion: the list is endless and yours to customize. I wanted Athena’s Purse to combine my two loves: saving money, and my undying love of poetry. Also, I felt like I should put my advice in one spot and share with as many people as possible. I Chose the name Athena’s Purse because… In Greek & Roman Mythology Athena/Minerva is the wisest child of Zeus. My logic is that if Athena needed an accountability partner she’d call me. As for purse, everyone knows EVERYTHING A WOMAN MAY NEED is in her purse… Athena’s Purse was born. If it’s a hobby for you then don’t look to invest money into it yet. But if you could maybe, possibly, kinda see yourself getting closer to marketing your blog as your brand; you should look into owning it. Word to the Wise: I recommend getting a free site with WordPress, and once you’re ready to own it, get a FREE site transfer from my beloved Siteground. Why You Should Start a Blog? Look at social media. Your life could change after a viral meme, or you could blow up like Cardi B. Step one is to get a heavy following. A blog is a good step towards having your own voice and platform,…

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Top 5 Things Every College Girl Wanted From My Dorm Room

My Fave Jerdon Portable Makeup Mirror

There are so many things you won’t think you need for college, but all of these objects people wish they had thought of. I love little touches of home because I’m a huge introvert. But a lot of colleges don’t have many ways that allow us to decorate, or even be positive your personal items are secured away from your roommate. If hotels have safes, why don’t all dorms? Just wondering 😉 This Post Talks about Gifts I Brought with Me to College I promise TONS OF PEOPLE, mostly other girls, asked me about these ALL the time. affiliate links are present in this post see disclaimer here 1) A Safe Everyone needs somewhere to put important documents, and information. This safe is shaped like a book, and comes with a key lock. It is a little on the small side, but remember your giant 2 ton safe the when Moving Day comes. 2) Surge Protector ( I recommend two depending on room size) Hey I love having a phone charger that I can skip rope with, but a problem I didn’t think about was my room had a total of 8 sockets. All of which, I had to share with another person. And don’t forget other electronics like: TV, printer, candle warmer, coffee maker, etc. So be sure you get at least one of these, you may miss it later. 3) Wax Warmer (Most colleges don’t allow candles in dorms) Scent is a big deal, and a very overlooked gift from home. Silly as this sounds I would have my mom seal a few puffs of her perfume in an envelope that I kept in a drawer. And yes, opening it and smelling home had a very calming affect on my mood. Conversely, a girl I had never met…

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Athena’s Poetry: “Ode to Pablo Neruda”

If given time I could traverse the lands, and gather enough shadows to fill your ink well. I’d watch you write the petals of flowers as they fell, then allow you to rummage through all the drawers and pigeon holes in my head. You could roam over the pit of my mouth, and insert your memories. We would time travel, before my government could erase you off the blackboard. Your thoughts, your lines forever uncoupled, wasted. With you I wish to brood over water droplets, savoring the difference between rain and tears. Your work says none at all. Sitting in your eye sockets I would explore the erotic pulse of poetry. Swim in its passionate sweat, and drink its juices as we gaze at the body of woman, raw. In ashes, and the brim of your hat you clothe her. Your language the language of water -fluid: enough to cleanse, and potent enough to drown. Stanzas flow from your hands like sangria, the wisdom of the vat eternal. I found your book of promises among a million, and in the full light of day, we walk in the shade. My eyes burn with the smell of incense and spiced street candy. I dance among your personas. I gather silence to begin to hear your genius. Orchids bloom in the periods of your sentences. Neruda: sensual, rustic, exposed, and yet secret. When I finish I’ve just started, and once I’m back I’m gone once more. If I live twice I shall still only know you far enough for once. As to explore you, is to be talking geography.   “Ode to Pablo Neruda” -Doorress A   This is a poem that won “Best Piece,” and was published in The Streetcar. It was a personal favorite of mine, which almost always means it…

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Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie on a College Budget

At college when I wasn’t struggling to figure out how I would eat that day, I was stuck on what it would be… Processed food is not kind to my skin, and my taste buds are stubbornly Southern; so how could I appease my wallet and my high metabolism? (I’m talking 1,500 calorie meals every 3 hours) My best friend and roommate is a picky eater. T is more than happy to live off of juice and chips. I’m not myself when I’m hungry, and I don’t like Snickers. I decided I wanted a taste of home, but for less than $10 I needed to eat all week… I love my mom’s homemade chicken pot pie. One time she got a driver to bring her to my university where she cooked for me and my friends. Of course she made too much. The community kitchen was next to the elevators; needless to say everyone that walked by their noses’ led them to the kitchen. Yes, we fed them too. 🙂 Lol, I love the South. Of course if I were making this in college I’d: double the portion, add a drink, charge $6.00 and boom–side hustle here I come. No college student will turn down a good home-cooked meal. I promise you. So how to make my mom’s mouthwatering, triple buttered crust for less than $10? Challenge accepted. You may want to be close to a Walmart and a Dollar Tree. But I will include yummy, and cheap alternatives. Food and Items to have on hand: Pots and Pans Salt and Pepper Butter Flour (Make Biscuits from scratch to save money) Cooking Utensils Cream of Chicken (Campbell cream of chicken reccomended) Cheese Mild/Sharp (Optional) Word to the Wise: Taste is in the Base!! Don’t thin the mix by adding anything…

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Credit 101: How I Earned a 740 Credit Score in Two Years

People kill me saying college students shouldn’t get credit cards. Maybe they shouldn’t. But college is as good a time as any to learn how to manage life. The picture above is a screenshot of mine per Discover showing me where I rank. I’m also a third year college student. This is proof that you can do it. You can build a healthy credit score in only two years! ***I am not a financial expert nor advisor. By reading this you agree with the policy as listed in my disclaimer.

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College 101: Advice on Best Birth-Control for Busy Lives

Spot on app is best for college women

…Maybe you’re here from my post about how I get my free birth-control. Also info on Free BC RX, Annual Check-ups etc Track fertility, period symptoms, mood changes Tips on preventing pregnancy Get all your sex-related questions answered by the professionals Scroll down if you want info about: Nuvaring, Spot on, Plan B, Other methods of birth-control. By reading this you acknowledge that I, Doorress, am not a women’s healthcare professional, provider, nor adviser. Also, that all decisions should be made with the consultation of your (an) actual certified health care provider, which I and this blog are not Let’s Get it On I have tried all types of BC pills. I hated that they made my stomach ache severely; and I knew both from experience, astute observation, and finally OBGYN-confirmation that certain BC like the pill, or the shot DOES lead to an increase in weight gain, ranging from 5 lbs-20lbs + Also, long-term usage of some of BC can lead to issues with fertility. I did not want a contraceptive that would take too long to leave my system. After talking to my gynecologist, she and I decided that Nuvaring would be best for me. Next, I went to my local Planned Parenthood office, did the paperwork, they handled the rest, and the $185 bill every month 😉 Real PROS and CONS to Nuvaring The following list details some of the Health Benefits of Nuvaring, as listed by Planned Parenthood, per their website: Nuvaring may help prevent: acne bone thinning cysts in the breasts and ovaries ectopic pregnancy endometrial and ovarian cancers serious infections in the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and uterus iron deficiency (anemia) PMS (premenstrual syndrome) What I love most about Nuvaring I can pop it in, and I don’t have to think about it until I’m…

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Credit 101: APR vs Interest Rates in Loans

**I am not a financial adviser, nor by following these rules can I guarantee that will you see the same results, even if your situation is similar. Seek professional advice before making any final decisions. No information/ advice in this post is sponsored** What is Credit? We hear all references to terms like: interest rate, APR, and of  course DEBT…  We know that a credit score is important, but how do you get credit when you have none? Especially since bad credit is worse than not having any credit at all.. don’t worry I will explain 🙂 What is a Bad Credit Score? Credit, and or, a credit score helps lenders decide whether to approve you for a loan. Your credit score is a three digit number that is calculated from several different sources. If yours is 0 – need some milk. I have a post on how to help here. Word to the Wise: Shoot for credit score of 740, that will open just as many doors as a perfect score: which is 850. Real Life Example for why High Credit Scores Matter You don’t have thousands in cash, nor good credit, but you need a car. When you go to a car dealership you will probably need to take out a loan. (I will explain further in the post how to get the best rates.) The car you want costs 10,000, but let’s say you have no credit, which means no credit score either. You plan to make monthly payments, BUT the dealer has no idea whether you’ll be able to afford to pay on time. ( You want your notes to be around $270 or less; with good credit 700= they could be). Your credit score would have given them an indication of how well you are…

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Money 101: Best Ways to Build Great Credit without Credit Cards

I built my credit to 780 in two years. See how and what I did to grow

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