Saving 101: My Huda & Fenty Beauty Make-Up Dupes

IG.Huda & Fenty Make-up Dupe

If you follow me on Pinterest you know I am obsessed with makeup.

Yes, I am the ultimate tom boy who prefers rompers to dresses, and lounging in T-shirts and my bff boxers. Yes, I do both and quite well. So can you.

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Today we’ll discuss

  • Finding Affordable Matching Makeup Dupes
  • Best Acne Spot Treatment
  • From Foundation to Setting Spray
  • Get Ready With Me |Sephora vs Walmart Makeup Dupes

How to Find the Best Makeup Dupe

I remember wanting to learn how to do makeup sooo badly, and I thought damn I can’t afford $30 for one bottle of foundation, or one anything.

I had to figure out which products were worth the money and which could be substituted until I found better ways to save

1 thing for sure, and 2 for certain good foundation and eyeshadow is worth the money.

Cheap eyeshadow may get the job done, but the fall out is terrible unless you have a good primer. And cheap foundation will not blend well, and will probably transfer easily.

So if I were trying to save money on buying makeup I would weigh my options.

Mine: good foundation or eyeshadow.

Story Time…

One day for work I wanted to do a cupcake face. What is that you ask?

I refer to a full face of makeup as cupcake face: face lotion, primers, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lashes.

Then: I contour, apply foundation, blend, then highlight, pat on setting powder, setting spray, lip primer.

Next: outline my lip, apply any matte Nyx lippie, blend, remove excess inside & out, set lip line again…done. That process is what I call a cupcake face.

Needless to say I felt confident in my skills. That, and my cat eye was sharp enough to kill a man. I was ready.

I walked in to work and everyone flooded me with compliments and stares. Asking how long it took, and where I found a MAC store this close to home. I laughed when I informed them.

“I did it myself.”

The chatter stopped. They all fell silent, assessing my face. Either for mistakes, or a whiff of a lie- I don’t know.

“I swear yall, lol I can do makeup…”

That’s how far I typically look from the ‘type’ to wear it. I don’t wear it everyday, but when I do I don’t come to play.

I promise I poured over Youtube tutorials for hours. I tried to mimic ‘the pros’ step by step, and I feared my ‘looks’ would appear inferior if I didn’t spend top dollar for quality makeup and brushes…

I’m happy to find that I was wrong, and now I buy makeup because my face is my favorite canvas.

My Dupes and What to Choose

So take it from me on what you need…don’t be a name brand baby and get DUPED yourself sis.

Face Base

My primer is Clinique face lotion. My skin is combination: oily & dry. “T-shape,” that is, my skin is dry around my eyebrows, and around the base of my nose.

Read below about my acne killing secret weapon!


I chose Clinique for my expensive brand, but I prefer my Walmart L’oreal

true match foundation (which is two shades cooler, than Clinique)

I love my foundation because its light to med. coverage and it does cover any acne, or should I say any random pesky bump that loves to be seen at every event.

I don’t have bad acne- thank God. But sometimes you have to call in the big guns.

Clean and Clear Acne Advantage

I use this at home to fix acne. It has witch hazel, and salicylic acid. It clears me up overnight. Not a paid promo, just a fact.


I was so sad when I realized I couldn’t afford the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit which runs for about $40.

So pictured above, my Black Radiance True Complexion Med – Dark Contour kit will set you back $8.00.

It is a cream kit that mixes well with liguid/cream based make-up…includes a very pigmented golden highlighter that will give Killawatt a run for its money.


I shop Urban Decay, Naked 2, Nyx and more to satisfy my love of pigmented, quality, eyeshadow. BUT I do love the Hard Candy palette pictured above because it’s close to Huda Beauty’s Palette but far from the price at only $12.00 AND it comes with a mirror.

Now if you choose a cheaper shadow, get a quality primer for both eyes and face. Or, if your face is dry; and you don’t want a gunky, heavy feel to your makeup apply a light layer of Clinique face lotion.

Mascara & Eyeliner

Mascara, and eyeliner are the biggest packaging hacks since chips. I look for quality brands but honestly this one is a quick pick up, almost any cheap dupe will do.

Word to the Wise: If it’s hard to remove your make-up, use coconut oil.

Or buy travel size Neutrogena makeup remover wipes USE 1 I bet it wipe EVERYTHING except your sins away – needless to say I’m a fan lol


I LOVE ELF!!! I don’t care who has something to say. The eyebrow kit is perfection: the gel DOES NOT MOVE, and the powder softens the color of the dark brown and sets the brow in place. Correct mistakes and shape brow with your foundation or concealer.


Nyx (our brand names originate from Greek Mythology which has a special place in my heart)


has beautifully pigmented, quick-dry matte lippies that will make any look pop. And for only $6 how can you say no?

I like Rihanna, but all makeup ‘fenta get’ is twenty dollars, at least on one lippie.

But I’m coming for YOU Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette for $60.

que thunder & dramatic music


To ensure any lipstick stays I…

  • Set lip with a primer, usually a lighter colored Nyx matte
  • I line the edges of my lip in a dark brown, kinda thick (it’s not the 90’s)
  • Add the final color to the inside and blend.
  • Suck your thumb in 1 quick motion, from knuckle to nail. Its to remove excess lipstick
  • Relax mouth, and clean edges with foundation of choice


It’s beautiful but Fenty’s Killawatt has a killer price….meanwhile

Wet n’ Wild Catwalk Pink Combination Highlighter is great and I love the 4 different options for only $5. Usually a dab of HL from my contour kit, and a few taps of this and I’m out the door…

Setting Spray

My setting spray is Urban Decay and I probably won’t stray from it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Setting spray or even a setting powder will make sure your makeup doesn’t transfer easily.

Portable Makeup Mirror
Click Pic to Read How to Get One Too!

Tools I Use

  • Coconut Oil Coconut oil is an antibacterial, antifungal and more: it heals everything from cracked lips, to yeast infections, and it helps to remove makeup. Skin is left feeling soft and moisturized.

Word to the Wise: a little coconut oil goes a long way

  • Eco Style Brushes Eco Style Brushes work just as well as any other. Don’t get duped into spending double; mine will run you about $14 but you’ll be set.
  • Make-up Mirrors Greatest investment ever ITS PORTABLE and was one of the most popular items in my dorm (see post here)

My Faves

I swear I could go on forever about make up that I like and haven’t tried yet, so before I do, tell me YOUR BEST makeup dupe of all time!!!

Watch the full video on Youtube | Sephora Beauty vs Walmart GRWM featuring yours truly and a Mystery Guest on Savage D TV


8 Replies on “Saving 101: My Huda & Fenty Beauty Make-Up Dupes

    1. I swear they are LIFE!!! But when all else fails I use coconut oil.
      Do you have a fave primer? I’m shopping to try for a new one.

    1. Thanks and yes I feel you on wanting bougie makeup, but NOT wanting those price tags. I’m glad you loved it ??

  1. Neotrogena wipes are my faveeee!!! Lol I’m actually the opposite. I want to try more affordable makeup and everyone talks about true match! I gotta get on it!
    Thanks for sharing!

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