My $500 Wig, and Why it Saves Me Money

My $500 Wig, and Why it Saves Me Money

This is a story of my decision to spend what most people consider a ridiculous amount of money on ‘just a wig,’ but this wig is an investment.

I’m accustomed to paying $75+ for hair care. So I saved my money piece by piece and bought the top of the line 11A Virgin Indian Hair.

The decision was not made instantly…

Once upon several years ago, after hating the constant maintenance of my curly hair I permed it.

and the perm broke my hair off because I didn’t take good enough care of it. The pic above is from Highschool, but trust me LOCKS can be deceiving.

I had accepted my fate but my cousin A prompted me to go natural. ( She used to flatiron my hair, she remembered its former thickness) I decided to transition, and lord was it an experience.



When I cut my hair off after I let it transition for awhile.

I began my natural hair journey December 2017

Learning to love, and understand my natural hair was not punishment.

I followed my routines religiously to nurse the overall health of my hair.  And I mean $100+ worth, and 100% dedicated to my LOC and double strand twist method. Every now and then a protective style with braids, but mostly it was me and my Wakka Flakka twists–which I love.


Water+Coconut oil+As I am Double Butter Cream/ Curling Jelly, Twist, Air-Dry overnight and this double stranded twist-out was my usual result.


One Year Anniversary Silk Press

So as much as I love my natural hair, after awhile it becomes too time consuming. After LOC & protective styles ALLLL SUMMER LONG I love to wait for the first cold snap of Fall and Winter before I silk press my hair.


On top of my busy schedule, balancing: school, work, and social this girl also LOVES


But travel doesnt always love me

The beach and heat, and 83 percent humidity is not kind for one who doesn’t always have the time to do her hair…

Recently, I’ve been on the go- New Orleans one month, New York the next. (Travel Posts coming soon)

So I decided to dive head first into a wig. I wanted a real human hair wig that would be beautiful and ready to go. I did my research on instagram and found a local stylist in Macon, Mississippi that would certainly slay my hair, AND teach me the mysterious ways of wigs.

I understand my natural hair, but ‘inches’ honey NOOO lol I wanted someone that would take their time and explain all the in’s and outs.

I don’t let anyone touch my hair. I literally had the same stylist for years as a girl. So choosing a new stylist was harrowing to say the least, because not everyone cares about their craft, and not all businesses deserve patronage.

I found someone who could do it all.

With these concerns in mind I chose Stormi Steele as my beautician. She has the most beautiful energy and peaceful spirit. I SUPPORT BLACK ENTREPRENEURSHIP!!!

I ordered her hair, chose the style and because she only works with her own hair she’s created a lifelong customer.

$500 Wig and Why It Saves Me Money
11A Virgin Indian Silk Lace Frontal Wig… Her name is Lola

I am 5″3 and I purchased a 22 inch Indian Silk CANVAS LACE FRONTAL WIG all for one payment of $450.00.

I paid it; she made it, and I have fallen in love with the simplicity of curling my hair.

I told Stormi that I wanted the ‘inches’ to complete my birthday look and that I didn’t care what she had to do to secure it; just make it look right, spare my edges, and be sure it WOULDN’T COME OFF.

Stormi assured me I would not be dissapointed. She was absolutely correct.


Let me tell you about “Lola”

Whatever sourcery was used to attach this wig gots2b on the same level as secure as an Amber Rose ponytail.

There aren’t really any cons other than the typical itching, and wig patting that accompanies not being able to scratch one’s scalp.

The hair glows, and shines silkily, it was worth every penny.

It BARELY sheds, and I was used to seeing cheap wigs that leave strings everywhere. For my wig I purchased three bundles for a fuller look, it barely sheds when brushed or styled. is her site, or even visit her ig: canvasgirlbeauty if you’re still not convinced.

Check her out. Because she’s really the best Wig Pro around. This is not a paid promotion this is me telling you that if you can pay $200 for bundles you can save that money three times, and order a wig that will last FOREVER.

I will save money by not having to spend money every two weeks, or my time twisting my hair. Time is money.

My hair will be braided (flat twists also an option) the wig will be secured and can be worn for several weeks at a time.

However I will only wear it consecutively for about a month before I feel its time for my hair to breathe.

Word to the Wise: YESS!!! Athena’s Purse is all about students saving money, but sometimes you get what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with an amazon wig, but I wanted the real deal.

And if you can’t do the full $450 right now, she is running a Back to School Special sooo check it out


Any wise words?

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