Money Wise: How to Make a Side Hustle Work for You in College

Money Wise: How to Make a Side Hustle Work for You in College

More often than not if you’re in college, you or someone you know has a job. If you’ve never had one, college is the time to get one.

Word to the Wise: Having a job in college teaches you an important skill like time management. Use your paycheck to save a few dollars, and learn to budget money.

Me and My Three Jobs

My sophomore year I decided to have three jobs, while taking 15 credit hours. I planned my days and budget out according to what needed to happen when. Best tips for managing that here.

I worked as a secretary in the English department, and personal chef during the week; on weekends I worked as a server.

I loved that my day job allowed me to do basic tasks and complete my homework while I was at work. Working in a university is the best main job to have as their schedule WILL align with academic calender, and usually most employers try to accommodate your schedules for school.

But what about a Side Hustle?

Everyone seems to have one these days, it’s important to have extra money coming in.

Realistic Side Hustles for College Students:

  • Tutor
  • Paper Editor (Not Ghostwriter)
  • Hair stylist
  • Makeover artist
  • ‘Chef’
  • Work in Your Department
  • Server/ Barista
  • Fast Food
  • Retail

I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

Story Time

My roommate Tiara and I have the best relationship. We both went out of our way to make our college apartment feel like a home: including drapes, a lamp, a cake plate, and a spice rack. Cozy right.

We are both the mothering type, so it was nothing for us both to cook breakfast, dinner, and dessert all at once. Despite our differing schedules we liked to sit and eat dinner together every day.

And believe me, since we ate every day, we would have enough servings for at least 10 people because it’s hard to cook for two.

My taste buds are stubbornly southern, and we don’t eat leftovers. We used to give the food away to our neighbors and friends.

A lot of people returned with food to pay my kindness back. Also, because they didn’t know how to cook LOL. So my deal became, if you had the food and wanted to share I would cook free of charge.

If you’re a college student and don’t know how to cook yet. I turned to Pinterest to get better recipes, and watched tutorials.

Eventually however I realized I was missing an opportunity…

The idea seemed to form on its own

Every other day during the week I would cook off a set menu (set because I had to budget and include grocery items and materials)

For instance, when I would cook breakfast I would post the ingredients on Snapchat before I started.

More often than not, my friends bought me out before class even started.

I would make a large pan of my favorite breakfast casserole. Or bake two cans of cinnamon rolls, fry up link sausages, and scramble eggs in no time.

The day after that would be waffles, bacon, and hashbrowns. I made it easy on myself with a lot of make ahead meals, and using my oven as much as possible. I would wash dishes as I finished with the pan.

Cater to Your Patrons

If they brought their own plate I charged $5, If I provided the plate, $6.

Dinner came with a drink and side for $6

If you wanted to add a slice of cake or cobbler (Homemade: $3.00)

Why it Worked

Yes my friends and I had meal plans, and cars to go get other options, but sometimes a home-cooked meal sells itself.

Weekends, when events were going on and kids just wanted to walk back home and eat…

Not to mention the people who went to class eating. Whole classroom smelling like Grandma’s house on a Sunday.

I’m telling you; my friends bought me out probably because they knew others would come quickly.

My point is…

Make your side hustle something you do well, and something you do anyway.

What to do with your money in college? Save it. If you have a loan, pay on it, don’t wait until you graduate.

I use these to help me stay on budget for meal prep, and budget my money.

Meal Prep Buget Tracker Makes cooking in college easy
Helps me stay on budget and organized
I use this budget sheet and tips in Ballers on a Budget to successfully save

But if you prefer apps instead of print outs…

(100% not sponsored, I just really like these apps)

In college and Want Help with Money:

Managing Money-  Mint

Investing app (free for college students) – Acorns


Final Words to the Wise:

  • Schedule Classes: M-F 9am-3pm; Work Begins After
  • Do school work on Campus; Home is for you
  • Take time for yourself
  • Time is Money be Wise with Both

-Sincerely Doorress

Any wise words?

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