Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie on a College Budget


At college when I wasn’t struggling to figure out how I would eat that day, I was stuck on what it would be…

Processed food is not kind to my skin, and my taste buds are stubbornly Southern; so how could I appease my wallet and my high metabolism?

(I’m talking 1,500 calorie meals every 3 hours)

My best friend and roommate is a picky eater. T is more than happy to live off of juice and chips.

I’m not myself when I’m hungry, and I don’t like Snickers.

I decided I wanted a taste of home, but for less than $10 I needed to eat all week…

I love my mom’s homemade chicken pot pie. One time she got a driver to bring her to my university where she cooked for me and my friends. Of course she made too much.

The community kitchen was next to the elevators; needless to say everyone that walked by their noses’ led them to the kitchen. Yes, we fed them too. 🙂 Lol, I love the South.

Of course if I were making this in college I’d: double the portion, add a drink, charge $6.00 and boom–side hustle here I come. No college student will turn down a good home-cooked meal. I promise you.

So how to make my mom’s mouthwatering, triple buttered crust for less than $10?

Challenge accepted.

You may want to be close to a Walmart and a Dollar Tree. But I will include yummy, and cheap alternatives.

Food and Items to have on hand:

  • Pots and Pans
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Butter
  • Flour (Make Biscuits from scratch to save money)
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Cream of Chicken (Campbell cream of chicken reccomended)
  • Cheese Mild/Sharp (Optional)

Word to the Wise: Taste is in the Base!! Don’t thin the mix by adding anything to it.

Be sure you have a large enough baking pan conducive to the number of people you wish to serve

Check out Dollar Tree for Cheap Alternatives

Mom's Homemade Chicken Pot Pie for $10 or Less
When I say it sold itself

Biscuits anyone?

Taste is hard to describe, but the right biscuit in place of crust on your Pot-Pie adds a different element of texture. It adds a hint of savory-sweetness because the biscuit absorbs the flavors of the pot pie, and Lord, all types of magic happens.

I usually choose my favorite flaky biscuit, or traditional style fresh out the can. I mean I love homemade but TIME is money people.

Word to the Wise Flaky biscuits can be peeled apart by the layers,then laid end to end to make a thinner ‘biscuit crust.’ If you need to cover more space.

Can you taste it when you say it, ‘biscuit crust.’

I bake according to the instructions. My biscuit-crust always does bake completely through, though the bottom is softer as it’s in contact with the pie mix.

In order to Feed at least 2 Follow Recipe Below:

  • Drain your mixed vegetables of choice (Dollar Tree: Can of Mixed Vegetables $1.00 Per/Walmart: Mixed Veggie Bag: $1.84)
  • Stir-in cooked shredded chicken w/veggies over medium heat (Walmart: 1 cooked Rotisserie Chicken $4.98 or Boil Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts $$$ May cost over budget)
  • Add 1 – 2 cans of Cream of Chicken (Walmart Campbell’s $2.00 per)
  • SEASON IT (not optional) to taste with salt and pepper
  • Add about 1/2 cup cheese (optional) Walmart Brand $2.00 I use Sharp Cheddar
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Fill Baking of Choice Evenly
  • Top with Crust of choice (Walmart Brand Biscuits $1.64)
  • Bake until Biscuits are done

Boom-you’re munchin

Word to the Wise: Aluminum Baking Pans, cooking utensils, and even pot holders can be found at Dollar Tree for only $1.00 each

And once it’s out the oven, while I let it sit I unwrap a stick of butter and slather it on like my maroon lipstick.

What if You Don’t Know How to Cook?

Well cooking is a technical skill that comes with practice, and a little practical science & chemistry-so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t naturally come to you. Not everyone is made to be a chef.

However, to learn recipes of meals I wanted to eat I got on Pinterest and made a board specifically for cheap eats. I love traditional southern food most of all!!

Really I’ve already found the best ones ?

Comment your fave below

I would search for recipes from other countries, make the meals from local ingredients, watch videos on Pinterest and YouTube so my execution would be better, and so I could ‘see’ it being done before I attempted it. If I messed up, I’d be hungry and mad as hell.

Join me on Pinterest to see my other favorites.

Another great way to save time in school is to prepare make ahead meals. No. I’m not talking microwave food, nor chips, and cookies as you rush out the door. I’m talking about homemade breakfast sandwiches, and freezer make-ahead meals that you could pop in the oven and be ready to eat in no time.

I dispise leftovers, but college will turn you into a more frugal consumer.

I hated to throw any food away. I became a lot like…


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My Go-to meal was having breakfast for dinner.

Honestly, college will encourage you to come up with creative ways to avoid starvation.

I loved eating pancakes and bacon at 11pm. T, my roommate, is a very decent cook. We each possessed culinary skills the other person lacked.

We would tell our friends, “If you buy it, we’ll cook it, but the kitchen closes at 10.”

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. If you have a champagne taste, and Coca-cola budget post your favorite meals below; I’ll create cheaper alternatives that are just as good.

Or if its that perfect, make it and sell it to your friends. No really, give it a shot, make it taste good and watch it sell itself.

Expert in eating all things Southern and sweet


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