Make The Wise Choice |FREE Printables

Make The Wise Choice |FREE Printables

You’ve Made a Wise Decision

“I wrote these words for everyone who struggles in their youth.”

Everything is Everything

-Lauryn Hill

Athena’s Purse is a growing collection of actionable advice to help anyone thrive in college.

I’m 22, in college, vlog, and I grew my credit score to 781, worked 3 jobs to pay for school… and I still make time to travel. You can too.

Below are a few of my FREE Wise Guides to help you stay on track.

Free Printables College Freshman Wise Guides:

Be Sure it’s all there

College Checklist: 2 Pages FULL of ideas to help you design your Dream Dorm with room to write more ??

2 FULL Pages of all you’ll need to succeed

Ultimate College Checklist. Two pages full of everything I moved in with me Freshman year!
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Cooking College Cuisine

College is, often times, making the best of what you got.

Do you know how to cook for 1 person?

Let me show you how I lived off $25 dollars a week for groceries.

From $10 I made my Mom’s Southern Homemade Chicken Pot Pie.

College Cuisine Holiday Dessert Peach Cobbler Dump Cake
Peach Cobbler “Dump Cake”

Or my French Beurre Noisette Peach Apple Crown Cobbler

Wise Guide: Meal Prep Budget Tracker

Weekly Meal Prep Budget Tracker
Put it on the fridge, and write down items when you run out & track budget vs. total spent
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Money Wise Guide: Monthly Budget

I used this when I moved into my apartment to help me budget more efficiently.

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I use this budget sheet and tips in Ballers on a Budget to successfully save 😉

How I Built My Credit Score to 777 (update: 780)

Build your credit without credit cards
There is a method to the madness; I promise.

I Grew My Credit Score to 780 (updated) in Two Years

It can be done. I come with receipts! Look here for the proof.

Noire Verbatim

Send In Your Poetry | Finalists Win $100
FInalists Will Receive $100 and Golden A

Enter Here For a Chance to Win $100 as an ANNUAL Poetry Finalist

Deadlines CLOSE April 1st, 2020

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You never know, read around my College Advice Section…you might save more than change at Athena’s Purse

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