How to Study for Exams in College

How to Study for Exams in College

Before college I never used to study. I would barely pay attention in class and master the material. Walk in, A+ on any test, and it was no problem.

Freshman year of college I kept the same attitude from High-school.

Big mistake.

I drowned in my tears and a sea of F’s until I taught myself how to study in college.

Key Concepts to Keep In Mind

  • Cramming is not gonna cut it. Go to class. Plain and simple
  • Write your notes by hand to remember them better
  • Underline things said twice in the lecture
  • Highlight vocabulary words you recognize and those you don’t
  • Rewrite the concept again, and try to explain it to someone else

College will require that you study. Even material you think may be easy, just dedicate less time to studying it than the others. But still study it.

Please don’t think you’ll remember when the test comes because you won’t

Before Midterms Find a Great Spot to Study

I loved finding empty lecture rooms, to study in. Libraries can become noisy so find a spot on a higher floor.

It won’t kill you to put your phone on DND.

I bet you post everything else. Post to your social media that you’re studying until further notice.

Word to the Wise: Study your hardest subject 1st. Study each subject for an hour. Break the hour into 25 min. intervals, with 5 minute breaks.

Avoid burnout. The best way is to plan your day, and keep school time for school, and home for YOU.

In Class

  • Sit close enough to the front to force yourself to be noticable if absent, or asleep
  • Write down notes: names, dates, concepts, and important vocab
  • Underline foreign information and research for later

Create a Study Group or Join One

Yall, like really I’m as antisocial as they come, but this is ALWAYS my top priority around midterms and exams.

Best way to coordinate in REAL time, FREE and without the extra hassle use my bae…

  • Google Drive

Make one Document. Everyone in the group can update/comment on it in real time.

Follow me On Pinterest. I come thru with the Life Hacks and Dinner Ideas

Announce it to the class yourself or Ask your Professor

Take Names, Pass it Around

Add Everyone to Group Me to keep in sync and contact

Libraries will usually allow students to rent rooms.

Long story short, study for at least an hour and a half every day and you will be okay in college. It’s much easier to do it in smaller parts than all at once.

Word to the Wise: Failure is apart of learning. Be kind to yourself.

This is a quick list partly because the hard part is up to you. I hope you do well. Or at least do your best.

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