College 101: How to Choose Your College With No Major


Okay serious question.

How To Choose Your College

…when you barely know what you want to major in?

A lot of people dive headfirst into college life right after high-school. This might be a good start. My point is, do not go until you get a solid plan together.

What do you want to do for the next 15 years?

If you don’t have a definitive answer…

Take your basics at a JUNIOR COLLEGE and make your mind up later….

Trust me, night after night of working will make your mind up for you about what you really want to do.

Word to the Wise: Go to a junior/community college and get your basics out the way to save you time and money. Go to a university once you know what you want to do.

Most people get a degree that would get them hired for a ‘real job’

College graduates often times do not get hired in the field they went to school for, but their degree guarantees them higher salary…which is sometimes a hindrance.

For example, I am an English major. Did you know most lawyers begin with a degree in English, and then they go to law school?

Long story short, one could do a lot with that piece of paper.

A BA in English could lead me closer to my dream job,  so my advice is to try to find a degree close to what you love, so it will never become work.

But most people I respect, attended their university, run a business, and still have a few lucrative side-hustles to fall back on.

College is Right next to Adulthood.

Your first order of business is determining what career you want, or which business you’d like to initiate. I will never tell someone, “don’t go to college.”

But I will say-go to college with a purpose or you’ll likely waste a lot of money and time taking classes you don’t need or want.

The habits you make in college will likely become permanent. Be careful and learn what works best for YOU.

I do have a few tips on how to save money in college, and how to budget to save for classes.

College Budget Monthly Spreadsheet

Monthly Budget Spreadsheet to help keep you organized when life gets busy

Above is my Monthly Money Planner

After You know what you want to do…

Pick your college based solely off two principles: What you need, and what you can afford.

Athena’s Purse doesn’t care about  PWI, or HBCU. College is simply about what you need to learn.

But if you want to apply exclusively to HBCU’s read my post here.

Be Wise With Your Money!

  • If you can’t afford 40K worth of debt, or out of state tuition fees DO NOT RISK IT.
  • If your credit will land you with an APR > 15.99% DO NOT RISK IT.
  • If you don’t have a plan DO NOT RISK IT.

Student loans, and debt are to be avoided at all costs. However if you need loans, look at Discover/studentloans who offer low APR, and deferred payments while students are in school!!

Word to the Wise: Don’t bother Sallie Mae, and Sallie Mae won’t bother you.

I understand wanting this or that particular experience, but look into your wallet before trying to appease your desires.

Does the University you want have your program? Are they the best you can afford?

Look at the Campus!

That’s right look around. Check and see if your local high-school (or if your UNI is local) whether they host Touring Days-dates the public is encouraged to visit the campus.

Is it spacious? Can you bring a car, or will you mostly walk?

What if the Campus you want to visit is too far away?

If you want to see the truth of a campus without setting foot there, whip out your phone and go to YouTube.

Type in the name of the UNI and see if any VLOGs pop up describing everyday life in the day of their students. Watch those videos closely, and if your school isn’t there add your own 😉


Ask yourself what does a typical day look like there? Where would you live, how far would your classes be away from your room?

These are important questions to ask.

What to Pack?

Lord knows people who take 5 bags for a weekend trip may be freaking out about what all to bring. Well again, check out YouTube. Type in Dorm Haul 2018 and watch the options roll in.

Granted ^ what one person needs, another throws away.

There are two types of people.

I brought everything, and I literally mean everything!!! From rugs, throw pillows, down the last paper clip and pink staple; thanks to savings and my family I had everything… everything except food, I forgot that.

Whereas my roommate brought the bare essentials, and tubs full of snacks.

I guess you could say we evened the other out, to this day we’re still best friends. T-

There were 5  items that were asked about so often I got tired of talking about them.  I put them all in this post here.

There were items like band-aids, tasers, and portable makeup mirrors… the important things 🙂

Don’t Forget

I know college is a great place to express yourself through fashion, and if your fashion sense doesn’t start until after 12pm STILL BRING formal attire. Many professors will require you to dress professionally, especially if you’re majoring in Business, Accounting, etc..

Yes ladies, that means pack your heels AND walking shoes. The list goes on, but my Wise Guide to packing for college will help knock down the cost AND help you filter out needs with wants.

Find a lot of good deals on Amazon to avoid the mad dash of ‘school’ shopping. My best find was my travel mirror.

Wise Guide_ Ultimate College Checklist

Wise Guide_ Ultimate College Checklist


Word to the Wise: Every University is different! Please PLEASE Check individual college guidelines before buying items

Until Next Time


Any wise words?

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