How I Received Free Birth-Control in College

How I Received Free Birth-Control in College

Best thing to know about birth control before you go to college is that 9 out of 10, you will need it.

I’m going to tell you how I got free birth-control methods, and how I found the right one FOR ME.

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Understand that I am not a healthcare professional nor adviser. Please seek a licensed gynecologist or certified women’s healthcare provider professional help in deciding which birth-control is right for your personal needs.

I Will Also Cover

How to avoid accidental pregnancies, why I chose my BC, and how to avoid rupturing condoms…in a way you may not have thought plausible.

  • How to stay on track of ANY Birth Control
  • How to avoid pregnancy while still having great sex
  • How you can keep track of an irregular period

Be safe ladies; we only get one vagina.

Trial and Error

I was a virgin in college and I did my research; so when I was ready I would be READY.

When that time came I decided to be on birth control for at least a month before I had sex.

Word to the Wise: I recommend using a condom in addition to another form of BC, but to each her own.

While Using Birth Control Pills

Initially, I hated remembering to take one everyday, and while on the pill you cannot take medicine with antibiotics in it. Whereas, Nuvaring is absorbed differently, and it’s not affected by antibiotics.

I hated the pills because they made me nauseous, no matter how much I ate or drank when consuming them. Also, the weight gain was gradual; it stuck for awhile… I had to let the pills go.

Upon choosing a different BC I eliminated all options I wasn’t conformable with.

I refuse to allow anything to be permanently inserted into my skin or body.

For My Birth Control I wanted

  • Something that wouldn’t allow me to gain more weight
  • Wouldn’t be affected by medicine or grapefruit juice
  • Don’t have to remember to take it daily
  • Had more PROS than CONS

I chose Nuvaring.

I. am. very. busy. I don’t have to think about Nuvaring.

Pop it in for 3 weeks, take it out. Easy, and I have a phone reminder so I don’t forget.

I consider Nuvaring the best birth control for busy lives, and I explain why in this post.

For the life of me I will never understand why so there are so many commercials advertising for more semi-permanent solutions that last 3-5 years, but have serious side effects.

That’s a no-go for me.

I don’t want long-lasting damaging effects, but the ease to totally control MY birth control.

I used Nuvaring during college (to present day)

It’s the one that works best for me. As of now it costs roughly $185.00

But by signing up for Planned Parenthood I’ve never paid one cent. Also: I don’t gain weight, no nausea, and no more mood swings than usual 🙂


I don’t want to get too personal, but if you want an honest, unpaid opinion on why I love Planned Parenthood, and Nuvaring. I’ll follow up here.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now, most University Campuses offer a pharmacy, or health center. These establishments will usually offer: free contraceptives, birth-control pills, Plan B pills, etc.

What if your prescription is in one place, and you spend most of your time elsewhere… A simple phone call from your pharmacy can transfer your RX wherever you need it.

What if you’re curious about other things? I’m not here to judge…

Everyone says the biggest reason they hate condoms is that it takes away feeling, and sometimes dries out the vagina. Well let me tell you, spit is not it!! If you wouldn’t let them spit in your mouth, don’t let them spit there either.

Try lube instead. Other faves

For my readers who enjoy it, or are curious about lubrication (lube)… the best would be KY brand NON-SCENTED NON-FLAVORED lubricating jelly. It is water-based, and gynecologist recommended. I’m very sensitive. KY jelly has never given me, nor my partner an issue.

Word to the Wise: NEVER buy oil-based lube because it can cause the condom to break.

What if you have a partner with a latex allergy?

I would buy my bf lambskin condoms. He was actually allergic to latex, and had terrible skin sensitivity due to eczema.

BE AWARE Lambskin does not prevent STI, STD, HIV. Some shady guys and girls sometimes try to pull this line to avoid using condoms.

Doing it My Way

Okay, so you’ve made it here. Maybe you know which birth-control is for you. Excellent! But what if there’s a better way to track everything that goes on with you?

I use the app Spot On.

It’s free!!! It’s offered by Planned Parenthood and its awesome.

What Spot On Does

  • Lets you track your BC regardless of your chosen method
  • Tracks your fertility, period, mood, and symptoms
  • Helps you prevent pregnancy with BC reminders
  • Shows you a fertility schedule, advises you when you’re most fertile

I use the app to keep up with EVERYTHING!!!!

God Bless Planned Parenthood that its free, AND it helps advise on how to NOT get pregnant.

I’m all for it. Get it here.

Genital Recap

  • Research sex for yourself, and learn your own body.
  • Use condoms AND another BC to be safe
  • Don’t EVER use oil-based lubes
  • Get free BC from: Planned Parenthood, college pharmacy, local health center
  • Use the Spot On app to help you help yourself
  • My favorite BC method: Nuvaring. Check out why here.

Look out for yourself, and your own health.

Be safe ladies, for everything we have one of -protect it fiercely.



Any wise words?

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