Simple Hair and Skin Care Routine for Natural College Girls

Simple Hair and Skin Care Routine for Natural College Girls

In college you’re constantly on the move and you still want to have a life. So in between classes, if you don’t have time to whip your hair into something cute for class, or sexy for the party tonight…what do you do?

Fighting Hair and Acne

How can you forget acne? I have oily skin and my hair requires oils, its a constant face wiping battle. Ever had a bump so big you could see it without a mirror?

I always get breakouts close to my period and I use Neutrogena astringent, and my Weapon ‘X’ overnight astringent it’s only five bucks. These and my other faves below.

After my big chop I remember being so hurt by the handful of hair left on my head. But I had removed the damaged relaxed hair.

I tried only a few natural hair products, and As I am is the only one that stuck.

Fresh Silk Press and Light Makeup
Fresh Silk Press and Light Makeup…because there was NO WAY I’d show you on the blog..that for SNAP only

As I am and Why I Love it

  • It’s thick and creamy like lotion.
  • Smells like something edible from Heaven
  • My hair absorbs the product and it sets in, instead of on top of the hair
  • Leaves my hair feeling silky, and soft no matter the weather

If you’re just starting out with transitioning and twists, use the LOC Method.

To Begin My Hair Routine

I would wash my hair in the shower and then begin detangling, gently, and leaving in As I am conditioner. I do NOT wash it out, just me.

  1. Liquid – I chose water because duhhh, water
  2. Oil– Now, some people choose olive oil, or any hair oil; I use raw coconut oil from root to ends
  3. Cream– As I am is how I lock in the moisture before I begin my twists

The hair in the back of my head is kinkier; if yours is like mine…

Word to the Wise to achieve a universal texture use As I am Curling Jelly

To achieve a wash n go that stays frizz free I use As I am, Hydration Elation. A little goes a long way, when brushed into place with a soft brush.

My Pics below


My short hair finds its curl pattern As I Am

My short hair As I Am

My Favorite Protective Style

I chose an 11A Raw Indian Silk 26 inch virgin lace frontal as my protective style.

I might wear her when I go see Kevin Gates October 9th

Read all about my $500 Wig Lola and how she saves me money.

My $500 Wig and Why It Saves Me Money
Me looking at Lola HELLA satisfied, like ‘YASSS’

My Skin Routine

After my shower I apply coconut oil to my face and body.

If my skin is breaking out, or I see acne forming under the surface I get proactive and try to eliminate the problem.

If you want to bring the bump to a head apply toothpaste, soap, or any other astringent.

Word to the Wise: Be aware astringent will slightly ‘dry out’ your face. (Possibly worsening acne if you over use them)

I use the Neutrogena Astringent listed below, or the Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment that WILL help you out overnight.

Word to the Wise: Don’t touch your face, and change your pillow cases often. Every week wash your sheets, wash your pillow cases too.

My Faves and Closing Recommendations

As I Am dream team below. I never had to use detangler, nor conditioner with these products. Allow the Hydration Elation to air dry; my curls were popping.

Wash your face. When needed apply the astringent all over, and then spot treat acne with the Clean and Clear.

In between, rehydrate with a light layer of raw coconut oil. Your face and skin will glow.


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Any wise words?

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