5 Ways to Party Safely: College Party Edition

Homecoming Week, Spirit Week, New Years

Hell every Saturday Night if you can afford it just be safe

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Okay, Athena’s Purse does not condone underage drinking; furthermore, I grew up in an alcohol free home, and no one around me did often either.

I learned how to drink from knowing both my parents drink of choice, brown.

Mom – 5th of Barcardi Rum

Dad – Crown Canadian Whiskey

Mine – Apple & Peach Crown – No Chaser. But if I have it, Sprite for both.

I learned that Patron is waaaaay too strong- but I can see why it’s appealing.

Any vodka is best in a mixed drink, but as Theestallion said, ” It goes down on that brown.”

Listen instead 👂🏽

Make the Wise Choice | Athena’s Purse 5 Ways to Party Safely in College

1) Get Lit Legally

No one has time for (getting caught) drinking illegally. Plus there is a good chance you’ll ruin the party if you get arrested.

Take your own charge, if cops ask where it came from.

Channel Your Inner Law and Order: Remember Plausible Deniability

If you are drinking do not leave your cup!!! Use a napkin & scrunchie to put a ‘lid’ on your cup. Or use a tumbler that hopefully DOESN’T have to live up to its name.

2) F*** the Club Up!!!!


Slay to the Gods but don’t meet Her. “Hoes don’t get Cold” Is a derogatory phrase used to indicate that women who wear ‘slutty outfits’ in bitter cold weather ‘don’t feel the temperature’ so as to not ruin the outfit with a proper trench and touch-screen mittens

Inside Edition did a story on a woman who received amputations because her friends did not ensure she made it inside her home.

The woman who was quite inebriated at the time, passed out unconscious and succumbed to hypothermia and frostbite.

6 Lit Ways to Stay Safe

Click Pic to Watch Her Truth

Word to the Wise: Know the forecast and dress warmly if needed

3) Go Home Safely

  • It’s A Party?- Party ONLY with Real Friends – People who laugh at you while you vomit out your brains aren’t your friends. Real friends: snatch the bottle before that happens, or hold your head/hair when it does/ don’t leave you unless to feed water or bread. (Salt helps with nausea)
  • Party in the USA– It’s a sad reality in America that venues rain ones and gunfire in almost equal measure, know all possible (and creative) exits. Always Be Cautious
  • Have a Check-in Time– Accountability Partner or BFF that will keep up with you via text messages if you haven’t checked in by a certain time.
  • Charge Your Phone– You do not want to be lost, phone-less and drunk

My Most Trusted Portable Phone Charger Shown Below

4) Stay Hydrated

Option 1: Bring a bottle of water – Option 2: OR be sure to drink a glass of water for every drink you have to avoid that next day hangover.

Avoid Alcohol Poisoning– Stick to learning how you react to liquor until you know what you can handle…until then max out at two full drinks.

OR 3 shots AND QUIT Liquor takes time to hit (it’s not a quick high)

College Party Rules to Getting Cross-Faded: Weed & Liquor Edition

I don’t think getting ‘cross-faded’ or high from alcohol & weed & drugs (or any other combination) is a good idea at all!!! I am writing this in response to the known fact that over 50% of college students take multiple drugs and or drinks (at once or in a short time period) when they attend parties
Wise Words to Remember

Liquor before beer you’re in the clear

Beer before liquor never sicker



What to Do in Case of Alcohol Poisoning






Finally…From My Personal Experience

(Only If legal in your area) Weed Before Liquor

Side Note: If you don’t know what you might like, ask what your parents like- sometimes preferences are hereditary but so is alcoholism so watch out

(Crown Apple me Please, Neat)

5 Get a Designated D

Call Lyft – Call Uber – DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE You will never forgive yourself for harming yourself or others

Everyone who reads this must understand that cases circulate all the time with date rapists, kidnapping, and the like especially those who target drunk college students.

Make wise choices, watch your drinks; I can be your accountability partner if you EVER NEED ONE! Contact me on IG

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