Credit 101: UPDATE How I Grew My Credit Score to 777


I’m assuming you think its gonna take years and years and that you have to have a lot of money to get a high credit score.

Fact of the matter is you can have $3.21 cents to your name and your credit score be 850

Or if you want a car soon I kept all of these practices in mind and it worked when I applied for a 14,000 used car with a cosigner, my personal score then was about 716. A monthly note for $265, down payment $0.00.

I’m Going to Teach you How I Built My Credit Score to 777 Quickly

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What did I do?

I made purchases and paid them off in full, and on time.

Literally, I would deposit what I just spent, wait for the total to post to Discover, PAY IT OFF IN FULL, Repeat.

Word to the Wise: Read all fine print: if words like APR & Interest rate are unfamiliar I explained those terms in this post.

How I Beat The System

Elsewhere, I detail that there are other ways to build credit with retail cards, by making small purchases, and paying that off on time.

For example, you’re building credit if your name is on a current: car note, phone bill, monthly rotating bill(s)/subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu etc…

Even gas credit cards can boost your score in about 3 months. Following my rules below will help guide you, but your results depend on you.


Only charge what you already have in cash.

Credit card companies, and loan offices make money from your debt. PAID IN FULL needs to become more than just a movie. Let it be the motto.

  • Aim for cards with no annual fees.
  • No, or low APR between 3.99% – 15.99%
  • Paid in full = Don’t pay minimum payments.

Patience is a Virtue

It takes about 1-3 months for good spending habits to catch up, and reflect on your score.

Not the case for losing points.

When you apply for a credit card, or if lenders do a ‘hard inquiry’ on your credit score it will dip.

So if you are trying… Apply for 1-2 at a time then WAIT AT LEAST 2 Months before trying again. When lenders check your score it decreases it by points-remember points take months to earn and each check (inquiry) lessens your score.

Build Credit and Save Money on Your Car Note

Word to the Wise: Do not allow your car place to finance (write your loan) for your car notes. Request ‘in-house financing’ with your credit union/bank. 

The car place is calculating your note based on credit score and what their finance lenders say you should pay.

It is your right to go to your own bank or credit union (preferred) as they have cheaper rates on car loans sometimes even <6%.

Build Your Credit the Right Way

It is a slow process but it is the first step you can take towards financial freedom. A high credit score is the key to opening every door: 1st car, apartment, house etc…

Gas cards are great options to help you get started while not giving you too much room for error. Still be wise and read the fine print as each card is different in nature and responsibility. Go to to help you | Make the Wise Choice

Rule of thumb for all loans & credit cards: Pay in full and early. Set reminders in your calendar and opt to receive text alerts.

I am 21 years old and a college student with a part time job and full time blog. I’m not rich, but I prioritize and strategize to be sure I am on top of my game.

You can do this, you just have to get started.

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