About Athena’s Purse

About Athena’s Purse

Thank you for reading

You may be asking why I came up with this idea.

Athena’s Purse is mostly for College Students…

It’s a personal collection of knowledge where you learn from other’s advice and experiences.

  • Make the Wise Choice
  • College Advice
  • Money Wise
  • Noire Verbatim and more….

Especially remember, I’m NOT a professional.

I’m just a regular college student bringing together as many ideas as I can, and letting you learn from my mistakes.

My goal is to help everyone (mostly college students)

  1. Save Money
  2. Make Wiser Decisions
  3. Better Invest Time

We’re also a Textbook Chegg.com affiliate 😉

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This idea formed once I realized that EVERYONE I knew came to me to: borrow money, talk about money, save their money for them etc..

“My decisions must be paying off.” I said that then because my family and friends wanted to know how I was so good at adulting. Meanwhile I barely have it together by 9am.

Money Wise my motto is that if Athena had needed a financial adviser,or accountability partner, it’d be me ?

See my Posts on “Credit 101” and how in two years I grew my score to 777

Make the Wise Choice to keep up with us.

All year long I’m going to give you my best tips.

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College Student Poetry Giveaway

Check out Noire Verbatim I have an unyielding love affair with all things poetry.

Winners Can get their work featured on this site.

Finalists Could Win Cold Hard Cash

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My favorite thing about Athena, other than wisdom, or poetry- she is a strategist. Any plan she makes succeeds.



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Any wise words?

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