College 101: How to Apply for An HBCU

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To an HBCU or to PWI?

Little known fact, a lot of HBCU’s are full of students from ALL OVER THE WORLD. Believe me you won’t just meet ‘one-kind’ of person at any university or college you go to.

At my PWI, Mississippi State, I enjoyed the expression of different ideas, and ideologies.

Your skin color or race does not mean you have to go to an HBU, nor PWI. And there is nothing wrong with encouraging Black students to attend HBCU’s.

Never however, should you criticize someone’s choice of college -they will almost always take offense. Also, if neither of you have looked into your program requirements vs how well that match your choice of UNI-both of you should do some quiet research.

I even understand family tradition, but honestly college TODAY is about more than your favorite school colors.

In today’s economic climate, college will develop your ingenuity; as much from poverty as well as academic, and social enlightenment.

Mississippi State, for an English Degree?!?!

Yes, because what you may not know is…

  • Many lawyers were EN Majors first
  • Companies would rather hire you to write for them, THEN teach you the topic.
  • Writer Jobs: Technical/Business/Insurance/Grants/Contracts/Blog/Screen/Novel etc….
  • I could literally go on forever….by earning a degree in words, i.e reading, reading people. Interprete at your will.
A borrowed list of all HBCUs courtesy of FB

HBCU’s vs PWI’s

It does not matter.

Slow down and consider this:

Ask yourself if you have a plan for your career.

  • What are you so passionate about that you could do it for the next 15 years or more?

If you can’t readily answer, take your time and go to a junior college first

or if you really just don’t know…

Check out my post on “How to Choose Your College without a Major.” Click here.

For those of you thinking of going to college, don’t let YOUR life decision become a popularity contest. It is not about the most ‘lit’ college.

Your education should be based on what you need i.e = programs necessary to complete your degree.

Second, what can you afford?

But if You’re Dead set on an Excellent HBCU to cultivate your skills

The first step is make a list of your Top 5 colleges.

  • Choose according to the programs they offer that attract you academically.
  • If the institution is private, what can you afford?
  • Distance from your home?
  • Make several copies of any documentation your college requests. You may need to send another one.
  • Apply to your top five choices to be POSITIVE they receive your information.

How to Exclusively Apply to HBCU’s

17-year-old North Carolina high school student, Jasmine Harrison, has been accepted into 113 Universities, along with 4.5 million dollars in scholarship money.

Harrison accepted a full ride to HBCU Bennett College in Greensboro, NC. She will pursue a degree in biology. Watch the story for yourself here.

This brilliant student has found a streamlined way to apply and keep up with your college application acceptance.

Trust me, opening an acceptance letter from the university you chose, there is no better feeling other than graduating

If You’re Ready to get Started….

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Common College Application app, which allows you to apply to at least 750 colleges AT ONE TIME!!! Apply Here.

The Common Black Application app allows you to apply exclusively to at least 53 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Apply Here.

The Common Black Application will allow you to:

  • Track progress of application on your phone
  • Apply to 53 HBCU’s for $35 dollars
  • Or apply to 115 HBCU’s for $135 like Jasmine Harrison

Please check the FAQ’s of both sites to determine the best fit for you.

Wise Words For Financing College

in “How to Choose Your College With No Major

Athena’s Purse doesn’t care about PWI, or HBCU. College is simply about what you need to learn.

  • If you can’t afford 40k worth of debt, or out of state tuition fees DO NOT RISK IT.
  • If your credit score will land you with an APR > 15.99% DO NOT RISK IT.
  • If you don’t have a plan DO NOT RISK IT until you cultivate a career plan.

Word to the Wise: Avoid Sallie Mae, but if you must, Athena’s Purse recommends Discover’s student loans. Discover has low rates, AND allows you to defer payment until you graduate.

No Matter Which Institution Apply for FAFSA

FAFSA is a great source of grant money and State Aid that you DON’T HAVE TO PAY BACK

Apply here.

Deadlines apply by state.

FAFSA’S Deadline as follows, per their website.


2018-2019 Deadlines

2018-2019 Deadlines PDF

Includes deadlines for all states.

Federal Deadline

Online applications must be submitted by midnight Central Time, June 30, 2019.
Any corrections or updates must be submitted by midnight Central Time, September 14, 2019.

State Deadline

Mississippi – MTAG and MESG Grants – September 14, 2018 by midnight, Central Time.

HELP Scholarship – March 31, 2018 by midnight, Central Time.

College Deadline
Check with the college(s) you are interested in attending. You may also want to ask your college about its definition of an application deadline – whether it is the date the college receives your FAFSA, or the date your FAFSA is processed.
Apply for all of the above by going to

To conclude this lesson in College 101 remember this

  • Your college will shape you, choose wisely
  • Your education should be based on programs to complete your degree and what you can afford.
  • ALL of Wise Words For Financing College
  • FAFSA and State Aid will help you acquire money for college with at least 12 credit hours
  • Apply for HBCU’s here.
Tell me where you plan on going. Comment below.
Is there anything about UNI that scares you, like financing or budgeting?
Happy College Hunting

Any wise words?

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