College Advice: 10 Ways to Save Money On Textbooks

College Advice: 10 Ways to Save Money On Textbooks

College is costly.

Even if you have your funds mapped out to the last cent, your FAFSA has been filed for months and you’re all packed up and ready to go.

College Freshmen I’m talking to you

A week after classes start, you begin buying books. With your arms full of your future dust catchers you walk up to the counter to pay. The cashier scans your 6 books.

Total for one semester $938.52.

“I’d like to charge it to my account.”

“I’m sorry, but you have to pay for these; you can’t charge it.”

**Heart plummets because I thought I could charge it to my account; my wallet wilts**

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So just in case this might be you…

10 Ways to Save Money on Textbooks

Compare for best prices but Chegg is my personal favorite, and I’m an affiliate with them 🙂 I’m soo blessed that a brand I love chose to work with me.

I Recommend Chegg

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  • Cheaper than Amazon Rentals
  • You can highlight text in the books
  • You can extend your rental time, or purchase
  • You can receive and send them back, all in the same box.
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College students Chegg is really helpful! They even offer tutors 24/7!

When my book came in damaged, I made a tweet about it. They replied

Chegg responds to Tweet
“Came faster than 911 in white neighborhoods” – J Cole. Peep the quick response. LOVE IT

More Wise Ways to Save on TextBooks

Wait to Buy Books

No seriously. Professors have to have a ‘mandatory’ text listed, but there’s no guarantee you’ll use it.

Yes you guessed it. Memes circulating the internet that joke that College is 90% PowerPoint aren’t all wrong.

  • If you buy previously owned books, buy access codes

To Students who may not know any better, people will try to resell the book. But IF YOU NEED the access code too, you will have wasted money.

  • DO NOT Open Book/ Access Card Until…

Double Check with Instructor that Book(s)/Access Codes are Correct

Word to the Wise: Once you rip the plastic, its YOURS

If you have to go to campus bookstore

  • Try to Rent Books Instead of Buying Them

These are My Best Ways to Save on Textbooks, but read Make the Wise Choice for more info on money saving, and credit building tips.

If you’re not all packed

My Wise Guide

Ultimate College Checklist
Take it from someone who has already been there. 2 PAGES FULL of all you’ll need and more.

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