College 101: For Students Who Never Had to Study or Do Homework

College 101: For Students Who Never Had to Study or Do Homework

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College 101: College Homework and How to Stay on Top of It

For students who never had to study, or do homework -Make the Wise Choice and keep reading…

In highschool I graduated with honors without even trying. I passed my AP English Test with a 4 out of 5. I averaged 110% in my homeroom Zoology class and I literally took a nap every morning.

My point is I know exactly how easy it is to assume that ‘if you’re already smart in High-school,’ you won’t have to study in college. That, the knowledge will just come to you.

It won’t.

Enrolling at a University will confirm all of that.

Trust me. I tried, I cried and I complained. I studied for tests, tooks enough notes to break anyone’s wrist, and read until my eyes got tired, but even as a ‘wise college senior’ it took failure for me to learn how to work smarter on my homework and take notes.

This process took longer because I was stubborn and ashamed to have to ask for help.

Please don’t be ashamed, or embarrassed to ask questions.

Ask, then join a group study, create your own, or better yet GO ASK YOUR PROFESSOR!!

It began to cost me grades and eventually a semester, until I got the hang of it. And Bless T for tutoring me.

Academic probation is real and here’s how to avoid it…

This advice is going to sound crazy at first, but you’ll like it. I want you to procrastinate. See, you like it already.

Let me explain.


I want you to wait until you’ve settled into classes, and are entering your 2nd-3rd week of the semester. The reason being, you will have established a daily routine. At first college is crazy and exciting and just A LOT to take in.

By then, know your schedule. Also know, whether or not you’ll stay in the class. Hopefully by then your professors have updated to their permanent syllabus.

What I Suggest

Take at least 12 credit hour classes if you can. provides grants that will pay for part of your tuition. Check your local state aid for more.

If taking classes on a college campus I recommend  12 -15 credit hours; and scheduling all classes M-F between 9:00am – 3:00pm (max. of 1 night class if you can help it)

If you plan to work part time, on top of 12-15 credit hours, I have the master formula. I worked 3 jobs, and did 15 hours.

Word to the Wise: invest in money, and time management, organization skills

And click below to learn about saving on textbooks, and more…

Read my 10 Ways to Save on Textbooks


Word to the Wise: The best advice I can give you is to sync your syllabi.

How to Stay on Top of Homework

  • Student Planners
  • Print syllabi for all classes
  • Separate each by tab divider
  • Take handwritten notes per subject
  • Write ALL: Quiz, Paper, & Exam Deadlines according to Date & Time in Student Planner

Realistic Breakdown

Have 1 Binder containing all class information.

Binders should be organized and separated by subject. The syllabus of each subject should begin the note taking section.

Due Dates for all Quizzes, Papers, and Final Exams Should be Color-Coded and CORRECT.

Every Day After Class

Do homework every day after class; especially for classes that meet once a week. You will get very tempted to procrastinate. Instead, complete homework after dinner, and classes have ended for that day.

Also, find your own quiet spot in the library and camp out until a considerate amount of your work is done.

To Stay on Task

Cut off your phone. Distractions, and texts, and phone calls are going to happen as soon as you plan to get down to business. Do not disturb is for your benefit. No really, airplane mode won’t kill you.

Set your phone timer and do homework for 30 minute intervals, with 5 minute breaks in between.

Reward Yourself

Plan a treat, or guilty pleasure as your reward for finishing your homework. Mine was 2 hours of Netflix for every 3 assignments completed.

Cross it off your list. Nothing satisfies my OCD more than a totally accomplished planner; lines and scribbles in every margin means my job was done.

Really though a lot of college is merging good study habits with healthy adulting habits, and finding that road is hard.

Trying your best and studying hard to STILL FAIL happens a lot in college. Students who have never had to study or do homework are suddenly finding themselves failing in classes.

I tried to take all the hard work out of college. If you’re new here browse around awhile, and Students can request to join our private Mentorship College Facebook Group to get in contact with me directly


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