2019 Chegg Coupons for College Students

2019 Chegg Coupons for College Students

2019Chegg$35cheggshipping2.jpgHey loves, Athena’s Purse is an official Chegg affiliate!! I’m soo excited to work with a brand I love and use.

Athena’s Purse Recommends Chegg

College is happening all over the world, so that means textbooks and studying is in season. I only go to Chegg to rent and buy textbook books. I’m an English Major, so you can imagine the collection…

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2019 Chegg Coupons for College Students

I’ve already done a post giving you more options, but to save you time, first check out Chegg.

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Its 2019 and I still LOVE and Recommend Chegg Textbook Rentals

  • Receive and return my books in the same box
  • 21 Day Money Back Guarantee if you drop, or switch classes
  • Comes with gift cards and an energy drink inside
  • Underline and highlight in the books
  • You can extend the rental, or choose to buy the book(s) later
  • Click pics above for my link to Chegg FREE Shipping on Textbooks

Get Your own Private Tutor with Chegg Experts

Confused and have questions?

Head over to Chegg and use code “CS5OFFBTS18” to get $5 off your first month of Chegg Study,

Get step-by-step solutions to your questions from an expert that will break it down for you.

Plus you get a free 30 minute tutoring session.

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Promo: $5 Off the 1st month’s subscription

  • “35FREESHIP” -Free Shipping On Textbooks

Free Shipping College Textbooks Click Here

That and more

Chegg Study

Chegg Textbook Rental

Chegg Tutors 

Easybib Plus

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