Cheap, Quick & Easy Meals for College Students- Walking Tacos

Cheap, Quick & Easy Meals for College Students- Walking Tacos

Cheap Easy Meals for College Students
Super-Filling, Cheap, and made from organic ground beef and extras in my fridge.

Walking Tacos- The Easiest of all College Cuisine

Okay, who doesn’t love tacos (steak taco recipe on the way, shout-out to the homie Giovanni)

Tacos aren’t always the easiest thing to eat on the go however ?

Worst thing that can happen is you forget taco seasoning; but that wouldn’t have happened if you read my Wise Guide to Apartment Shopping: College Edition

How to Build your Apt. Fridge & Pantry College Edition


Walking Tacos is my favorite thing to make at home.

To Feed at least 2 people:

  • 1 lb of Chuck ($6.00) or Flank steak ($8.00)
  • Pace Picante HOT Salsa ( $2.00 Rec. but not pictured)
  • Great Value “Mexican Fiesta Blend” Shredded Cheese ($2.50)
  • Green, Red, and Yellow Peppers ($2 or less **optional)
  • White or Purple Onion ($2.00 or less saute for flavor)
  • Cayenne (a pinch)
  • Paprika
  • Minced Garlic (to flavor)
  • Chili powder (a pinch)
  • Or Buy Taco Seasoning ($1.00) ?
  • Tortillas or my beloved Tomato Wraps (Ik it’s not used for that but hey)

Instructions on How to Prepare College Cuisine: Walking Tacos

  • Season meat: salt, black pepper, onion powder, chili powder, garlic, all peppers and onions
  • Add vegetables to pan, then add lime and lemon while simmering
  • add meat to pan and brown meat on Med-High Heat (once all brown take it off heat)
  • Drain excess grease in a separate container, trash it
  • **Lay aluminum foil over stove-eye to quickly ‘cook’ flour tortillas¬† Word to the Wise: (if heat is too high watch closely to be sure it doesn’t stick)
  • After you brown meat dress walking taco in shell or open that bag or fritos left over from the purple variety bag.
  • Add: cheese and HOT Pace Picante Salsa and BOOM!
  • You got walking tacos

I love to cook: Southern food, Italian, Seafood, authentic Mexican food and especially dessert. I do it all and all on a Money Wise Budget.

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More Recipes to Come…

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Chef it Up!

You don’t know what you’ll create until your stomach starts growling, but by then it’s too late

-Sincerely Doorress

Any wise words?

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