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My Summertime College Beauty Regime

I love makeup. But during summer I usually rock a light, natural beat to avoid melting my face off.

Yes MUAS I am aware of baking, and setting sprays, etc- I don’t intend to make it that far at these temperatures.

However, my face is dry around my eyebrows and nose; it rarely gets oily and acne is a lone ranger. BUT, stress does me no justice.

To hydrate my face I don’t use any fancy cleansers. Instead, I add a small pin prick of coconut oil to my eyebrows and nose to combat any flakiness.

Stress Brings My Acne Out

On my cheek, and occasionally my chin has a large acne bump.

I’ll be honest, I pop MY pimples but only when they come to a head. First I’ll apply toothpaste and let it rise. Next with clean fingers, and coconut oil having already softened the area, I apply gentle pressure. If I feel it giving, I continue, if not I leave it alone!

To help fight discoloration around heavily shaved areas like armpits, apply coconut oil to help lighten and maintain soft skin in those areas.

Clear and healthy skin is important to so many people. I use Neutrogena astringent to help rid my face of excess oil.

Deep Clean Showering

Exfoliating your face, and body leaves you with a great canvas for moisturizing. Proper exfoliation also helps to reduce ingrown hairs when shaving.

I use coconut oil in my hair and my skin care regimen. Juergens, Saint Ives, Pure coconut oil are my favorite lotions; Bath and Body Works brands too!

The white bar, Dove sensitive skin soap is gynecologist approved, and my personal favorite.

Degree is another favorite brand of mine, but I use coconut oil as a base for my deodorant.

My thinking is that raw coconut oil properties should help prevent the odor causing bacteria from creating a smell. I’m not a scientist but natural based deodorants include coconut as their base- draw from that your own conclusions.

Shaving Tips

Exfoliate – it softens skin and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Less is more – use short strokes and as few blades on your razor as possible.

My NEWEST Black Owned Hair Care Regimen

The natural hair care creator of @Canvasgirlbeauty has helped those with alopecia, and cancer survivors. I bought everything from her starter kit to the edge control, and mascara. I AM READY to transform and grow my hair to its fullest potential. I will also document my success in a pink shirt with my current age displayed. I’ll begin this journey this September, after my protective style comes down.

I want to rate the growth, as my hair already grows an inch a month; combined with her hair growth serum I’m expecting crazy results. I’ll let everyone know when I start my Canvasgirlbeauty journey

Any wise words?

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