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Pinterest = Google with pictures…What’s not to like?

Even though I have a lot of my own ideas on: blogging, saving money, and eating great for cheap. Athena’s Purse has A WHOLE LOT of other’s brains put together. I decided to combine my personal Pinterest with Athena’s Purse to let you see what all I’m interested in, and that I’m a real person.

Feel free to comment down below if you want more info on some of the topics in my Pinterest board.

Look, before college I thought Pinterest was only for moms, and DIY-Crazy hobbyists. I was dead wrong. I found all kinds of tips, tricks, and life hacks. In college to present day I go to pinterest more than Google, Netflix, and Pandora combined. Pinterest is bae; no bullshit.

Tell me what you want to see next!! What do you want to learn more about? Comment down below.


Join and see. It’s Google with pictures…what’s not to like 😉

Enjoy loves,


Any wise words?

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