Money Wise

Make Wise Money Moves

And what that means in College

If you are a student you should also be saving money (20% from each income) + building credit = successful outcomes

We’ll Discuss: How to: Budget-┬áSave For College – Pay for College

It’s not about putting your money, or trust in banks, or any of that…You need money and good credit for you. Time to grow up.

College Kids

If you don’t have any credit I suggest: buying YOUR OWN subscription, in your name like: Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music|OR a gas card for your car if you’re NOT Money Wise ?

Word to the Wise: You need a monthly bill with your name on it, that you pay in full, on time, every month.

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┬áBeat Credit Card Company’s at Their Own Gain!

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Good credit is one foundation of good financial health

In How to Build Credit without Credit Cards I talk about how I built my credit score to 740 (and growing)

How Do I build My Credit Score_ APC

You will never own anything if you don’t have your own credit score.

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Proof that my Methods Work In How I Built My Credit Score to 740 ( EDIT 781)

Read my post on stacking cash fast In Money Saving Methods for Ballers on A Budget I discuss: Short, Medium, and Long Term Ways to save.

Also How I save money on irregular incomes ???


Finally, my best tips in How I worked 3 Jobs and Went to College. I detail: time management, and realistic side hustles for college students.

How I worked 3 jobs while paying for college

Best Advice on Time Management and Job Scheduling Tips

Browse around you never know what you might read and if you want a little extra help

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Any wise words?

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