7 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

via GIPHY Income taxes just hit, your extra 1,000 AOTC Tax Credit should have helped you along. You deserve to treat yourself. Travel, and pamper yourself with gifts–let’s not get crazy. So with that in mind, know your budget Travel Hacks | College Edition We’re going to get personal because I’m telling you my secrets, to help you no matter where you’re at. How to Get ‘Cross-Faded’ Safely Cutting Travel Costs: airfare, hotel, transportation, a lot more. Discounts on Miscellaneous Fees Sightseeing Hacks & Discounts Bests Apps for Traveling My Best Top Secret Travel Hacks My Budgets in NOLA & NYC Room and Board Cut costs with apps that offer cheaper transportation and hotel options like: Airbnb, Hopper, Student Universe, City Pass + a lot more. Use a booking site to make your search easier BUT DON’T book online. If you want a hotel, use any travel website to get their phone number. Call the old fashion way to avoid giving extra money to any middle man. (My favorite travel site is Booking.com because their UI is simple) When you call, confirm: parking fees, distance from airport, distance downtown, major attractions etc. This can help you ascertain costs of uber, subway, and the like. Choose Airbnb for Spring Break Airbnb offers hotels, private room options in shared spaces. I don’t recommend this for lone travelers but it definitely does reduce costs. It also can filter private homes according to your specifications. I promise you can find the space you need for MUCH CHEAPER or even better value than the average hotel. Airbnb offers Super hosts who offer quality, 4-5 Star treatment as verified by other Airbnb users. I like this option most of all. They usually offer personal amenities or snacks for their guests. I live for considerate personal touches…


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6 Things to Do With A Syllabus

Believe me I know the first day of class is boring. The lecture is nothing but class expectations and rules and regulations… You won’t remember all the ins and outs of class, so turn instead to your syllabus. Though you may think your syllabus is not important, it’s the backbone of your semester. Make the Wise Choice | keep reading because we’re going to talk about 6 Things to Do with it.. Want to know what to do the night before classes, read here. affiliate links may be present, but at no additional cost to you. 1) Read for Important Info Remember parents saying, reading is fundamental, its true. Underline Contact Info & Office Hours of Professors– Write your professor’s email in your planner notes for easy access. Allotted absences– For each professor it varies how many classes you may miss before it lowers your grade. Highlight Essays, Quizzes, Tests, , Holidays, & Exams Match Dates of aforementioned with corresponding dates in an academic planner (August – June) 2) Check Required Textbooks & Reading Materials For each textbook write or copy and paste: ISBN Numbers Author Specified Editions Other Required Course/Access Codes WAIT to buy books and read why here. Word to the Wise: To Save money I recommend Chegg. Double check prices at Amazon too. If you want more options I made a post for you, that you can read here. 3) Color Code Your Classes Seeing color and organization just makes it more fun and functional. Adulting can be fun. Use a different colored pen to write your classes in your planner. Eventually this will help you decide which classes to dedicate the most time to…divided by due date. I also use a different color-coding system when highlighting: notes, keywords and phrases, and important dates. My tips on how…


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50 Popular Holiday Gifts for College Students

50 Popular Christmas Gifts for College Students
Below are 25 Different 5 Gift Ideas for College Girls and Guys

My Top 10 Favorite Picks are included too Make the Wise Choice and Keep Reading

Parents sometimes need help in the right direction and sometimes so do we. Hell I looked up lists like this to help me better decorate or enjoy college.

Buying for Him or Her 
If you’re a guy trying to buy for a woman, think of


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Savage D. BLACK College Blogger is Headed to Youtube

Black College Vloggers are not in high demand so here’s my view of the world in Savage D TV. When we get together get ready for the shade of your life!!!!

Look forward to:
Blunt Talk
Roll Call
Story Time
How to Videos
RoyalTEA with Savage D
Chef BoyRD
XYZ Reactions and so much more…

See you in a few days Go ahead and subscribe 😉

Watch my trailer for a chance to win Savage D TV


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Money Wise: How to Make a Side Hustle Work for You in College

How Grocery Shopping Led one College Student to a Major Side Hustle

More often than not if you’re in college, you or someone you know has a job. If you’ve never had one, college is the time to get one. Word to the Wise: Having a job in college teaches you an important skill like time management. Use your paycheck to save a few dollars, and learn to budget money. Me and My Three Jobs My sophomore year I decided to have three jobs, while taking 15 credit hours. I planned my days and budget out according to what needed to happen when. Best tips for managing that here. I worked as a secretary in the English department, and personal chef during the week; on weekends I worked as a server. I loved that my day job allowed me to do basic tasks and complete my homework while I was at work. Working in a university is the best main job to have as their schedule WILL align with academic calender, and usually most employers try to accommodate your schedules for school. But what about a Side Hustle? Everyone seems to have one these days, it’s important to have extra money coming in. Realistic Side Hustles for College Students: Tutor Paper Editor (Not Ghostwriter) Hair stylist Makeover artist ‘Chef’ Work in Your Department Server/ Barista Fast Food Retail I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Story Time My roommate Tiara and I have the best relationship. We both went out of our way to make our college apartment feel like a home: including drapes, a lamp, a cake plate, and a spice rack. Cozy right. We are both the mothering type, so it was nothing for us both to cook breakfast, dinner, and dessert all at once. Despite our differing schedules we liked to sit and eat dinner together every…


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How to Study for Exams in College

Before college I never used to study. I would barely pay attention in class and master the material. Walk in, A+ on any test, and it was no problem. Freshman year of college I kept the same attitude from High-school. Big mistake. I drowned in my tears and a sea of F’s until I taught myself how to study in college. Key Concepts to Keep In Mind Cramming is not gonna cut it. Go to class. Plain and simple Write your notes by hand to remember them better Underline things said twice in the lecture Highlight vocabulary words you recognize and those you don’t Rewrite the concept again, and try to explain it to someone else College will require that you study. Even material you think may be easy, just dedicate less time to studying it than the others. But still study it. Please don’t think you’ll remember when the test comes because you won’t Before Midterms Find a Great Spot to Study I loved finding empty lecture rooms, to study in. Libraries can become noisy so find a spot on a higher floor. It won’t kill you to put your phone on DND. I bet you post everything else. Post to your social media that you’re studying until further notice. Word to the Wise: Study your hardest subject 1st. Study each subject for an hour. Break the hour into 25 min. intervals, with 5 minute breaks. Avoid burnout. The best way is to plan your day, and keep school time for school, and home for YOU. In Class Sit close enough to the front to force yourself to be noticable if absent, or asleep Write down notes: names, dates, concepts, and important vocab Underline foreign information and research for later Create a Study Group or Join One Yall, like…


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Credit 101: UPDATE How I Grew My Credit Score to 777

I’m assuming you think its gonna take years and years and that you have to have a lot of money to get a high credit score. Fact of the matter is you can have $3.21 cents to your name and your credit score be 850 Or if you want a car soon I kept all of these practices in mind and it worked when I applied for a 14,000 used car with a cosigner, my personal score then was about 716. A monthly note for $265, down payment $0.00. I’m Going to Teach you How I Built My Credit Score to 777 Quickly Read this post or listen on the podcast What did I do? I made purchases and paid them off in full, and on time. Literally, I would deposit what I just spent, wait for the total to post to Discover, PAY IT OFF IN FULL, Repeat. Word to the Wise: Read all fine print: if words like APR & Interest rate are unfamiliar I explained those terms in this post. How I Beat The System Elsewhere, I detail that there are other ways to build credit with retail cards, by making small purchases, and paying that off on time. For example, you’re building credit if your name is on a current: car note, phone bill, monthly rotating bill(s)/subscriptions like Netflix and Hulu etc… Even gas credit cards can boost your score in about 3 months. Following my rules below will help guide you, but your results depend on you. via GIPHY Only charge what you already have in cash. Credit card companies, and loan offices make money from your debt. PAID IN FULL needs to become more than just a movie. Let it be the motto. Aim for cards with no annual fees. No, or low APR between…


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2019 Chegg Coupons for College Students

2019 Chegg Coupons for Free Shipping

Hey loves, Athena’s Purse is an official Chegg affiliate!! I’m soo excited to work with a brand I love and use. 2018 Chegg Coupons for College Students I use Chegg to save me money on textbooks and now you can get your own private tutor with Chegg experts. Confused and have questions? Head over to Chegg and use code “CS5OFFBTS18” (exp. 11/30/2018) to get $5 off your first month of Chegg Study, so you can get step-by-step solutions to your questions from an expert in the field. Plus get a free 30 minute tutoring session. Coupon Information Code: CS5OFFBTS18 Promo: $5 Off the 1st month’s subscription To Save On College Textbooks Read my recent posts Happy Tuesday Doorress

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College 101: Battling Your Demons and Mental Health in College

Listen to this Episode of My Podcast I discuss over-looked effects real addiction has How innocently it begins Discuss my interpretation of J. Cole’s hit song friends My advice on how to overcome ones addiction to drugs Overcoming ones anxiety, and depression. Make the Wise Choice | Athena’s Purse, Battling Your Demons and Mental Health in College The podcast is new but I urge anyone battling with this disease to listen. College Students who Battle Mental Health I give this advice as a college student who was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and battles daily to better understand herself. The advice offered may help you better understand someone you love or even you yourself… My best advice is to listen.


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