“2018 The Clock Strikes 13” 4/1/18 “Best Piece” Finalist

2018. The Clock Strikes 13


When did students attract so much lead

You have fun; I have PTSD instead.

Shots fired

Another one dead


Cops creeping ‘cross private property

Phone in-hand

But they see this black skin on me

Boom! Another one dead


Forced ‘cross the border?

Trump is outta order!

Media distraction turns  heads


Boom! Another one dead.


Troubled white man

Murders unarmed elementary kids

Why not dead?

Just ‘sick’ in the head-


Why must history repeat?

This U.S bullshit is not discrete


Boom! Another one dead.



America, enough of us have bled!

NRA Pockets Deep and FED

Blue lights evoke fear and dread


Kaepernick’s passive epiphany

“Everyone-take a knee.” He said.

Career of a great man-not dead

Change came instead.


Beware. Knowledge does not come cheap.

Someone knows secrets of the elite

And as soon as someone starts to speak…

Boom! Another one dead.


Wise Words to Consider

To everyone reading this, I want to make it very clear that this is a work of poetry, an art

not to be taken offensively. I have my personal opinions on this poem, as I’m sure all that read it will. Comment Wisely.


“2018 The Clock Strikes 13” Won Because

It reflects major events that have flicked across America’s Newsrooms. These events were, and still are controversial today.


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I really loved reading your work 🙂








Any wise words?

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