7 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break

7 Ways to Save Money on Spring Break


Income taxes just hit, your extra 1,000 AOTC Tax Credit should have helped you along. You deserve to treat yourself. Travel, and pamper yourself with gifts–let’s not get crazy.

So with that in mind, know your budget

Travel Hacks | College Edition

We’re going to get personal because I’m telling you my secrets, to help you no matter where you’re at.

  • How to Get ‘Cross-Faded’ Safely
  • Cutting Travel Costs: airfare, hotel, transportation, a lot more.
  • Discounts on Miscellaneous Fees
  • Sightseeing Hacks & Discounts
  • Bests Apps for Traveling
  • My Best Top Secret Travel Hacks
  • My Budgets in NOLA & NYC

Room and Board

Cut costs with apps that offer cheaper transportation and hotel options like: Airbnb, Hopper, Student Universe, City Pass + a lot more.

Use a booking site to make your search easier BUT DON’T book online.

If you want a hotel, use any travel website to get their phone number. Call the old fashion way to avoid giving extra money to any middle man. (My favorite travel site is Booking.com because their UI is simple)

When you call, confirm: parking fees, distance from airport, distance downtown, major attractions etc.

This can help you ascertain costs of uber, subway, and the like.


Choose Airbnb for Spring Break

Airbnb offers hotels, private room options in shared spaces. I don’t recommend this for lone travelers but it definitely does reduce costs.

It also can filter private homes according to your specifications. I promise you can find the space you need for MUCH CHEAPER or even better value than the average hotel.

Airbnb offers Super hosts who offer quality, 4-5 Star treatment as verified by other Airbnb users. I like this option most of all. They usually offer personal amenities or snacks for their guests. I live for considerate personal touches like that.

Seriously, if you travel. Use this app.

Hopper is Airplane Ticket BFF

Hopper watches the price of any flights you tell it to. I love this app.

It has your back! When the price is PERFECT it’ll encourage you to book now, or caution you to wait awhile.

It even has the optimal dates for cheaper travel color-coded $Green to Red$$$$

What’s not to like? Otherwise, try your luck with student universe for student discount prices.

How to Save Money on Sightseeing

Check to see if there is a Citypass or Sightseeing Pass for your destination.

Ways to save in New York City Spring Break
Choose your attractions from over a 150 different options. Scan it and Skip lines, while saving money as you go. I highly recommend this!!!

Check out Citypass NYC located right in the heart of Times Square.

This is a great way to get THE BEST BARGAIN out of a tight budget in a new city.

Best money I ever spent was the Sightseeing Pass $140 and 3 days to choose from A LOT of options! Read my $300 Times Square NYC Trip.

City Pass may offer multiple entertainment/ experiences for one price. The buyer chooses from several options to redeem over the course of one to however many days selected-so no need to rush your trip ?

Plan ahead of time and get other travelers to split expenses. Be able to pick up slack if other travelers cancel.

Words to the Wise

Avoid eating out.

Travel light to avoid pickpockets–wallet/phone in hand NOT POCKETS, small amounts of money. Cute wristlet, fanny pack, leather backpack, or if it’s really gritty put money in your sock.

People make lucrative livings off travelers that aren’t careful.

Read how I made $100 Roll in Nola

Travel Hacks | New York City | College Edition
Stayed in Times Square and spent only $300 total Click Pic to Read how

I made $300 stretch in NYC

Getting Lit College Spring Break

Spring Break is the time when hospitals get over run with alcohol poisoning and almost OD and that’s sure to scare everyone and ruin Spring Break for everyone.

Please | Make the Wise Choice and keep reading

Look for signs of OD and Alcohol Poisoning

Please please read this post guys, you could save a life.

CrossfadedPartyGuide_ College Edition
Click Pic to Read Symptoms | Make the Wise Choice You Could Save a Life or Your Own

Good luck guys and be safe for Spring Break

Any wise words?

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