50 Popular Holiday Gifts for College Students

50 Popular Holiday Gifts for College Students

Popular Christmas Gifts for College Students

50 Popular Christmas Gifts for College Students

Below are 25 Different Gift Ideas for College Girls and Guys

My Top 10 Favorite Picks are included too Make the Wise Choice and Keep Reading

Parents sometimes need help in the right direction and sometimes so do we. Hell I looked up lists like this to help me better decorate or enjoy college.

Buying for Him or Her

If you’re a guy trying to buy for a woman, think of ways to make her life easier. Women make the wise choice for your guy and buy him number 24 and 25 Below.

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My AWESOME Holiday Gifts for College Women



  1. Best College Coffee Cup
  2. Fleece Blanket
  3. Pick 1 or all: Packs of Fuzzy Socks, Robe, House Slippers
  4. Wax Warmers and Lantern
  5. Iced Coffee Maker (pictured above)
  6. Birchbox Subscription (or Kindle ijs)
  7. Cards Against Humanity/Battle of the Sexes/ Dos (Uno 2.0)
  8. Earphones
  9. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  10. Roku/ Amazon Fire Stick
  11. Fabric Steamer
  12. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  13. Cookbook for Hangovers or Food Basket
  14. Monogrammed: carry on, duffle, or toiletry bag
  15. Pre-order favorite book
  16. Alexa Echo Dot
  17. Swiss army knife
  18. Be Thoughtful: Buy Brand New: Boots, Heels, Jewelry, Trendy Accessory
  19. Travel Wallet (include cash)
  20. Crock Pot
  21. Velvet Hangers
  22. Makeup lover? All girls need Neutrogena wipes (not a paid promo just my fave) My fave brands and skin care routine here
  23. Mini flat iron
  24. Camera
  25. Portable Makeup Mirror

Great Holiday Gifts for your College Guy this Christmas

Guys are simple, I love it. But here are a few to help you if you’re stuck.

Below are “Guy-Certified Gifts” for Him

I love my guy best friends. Pat always puts me on game, Lee won’t let me f*** myself up when we’re out, and AJ treats me like his business partner- even after he realized we’d never be more than friends. For any of these guys I’d buy a great gift not just Christmas.

  1. Dress shirts / shoes/socks
  2. Clippers
  3. Luxury or Professional Watch
  4. Gaming System (If needed)
  5. Gaming controller (Play together)
  6. Pre-order a Video game (tell him trade passwords to have more fun)
  7. Pre-order favorite book
  8. Wireless earphones
  9. Portable Speaker
  10. Cologne
  11. Casual shirts/ shoes
  12. Blazer
  13. Leather Wallet (include cash)
  14. Joggers
  15. Running Shoes
  16. Cookbook for Hangovers
  17. Food Basket
  18. Alexa
  19. Roku/ Firestick
  20. Annual Subscription: like Amazon
  21. Jerseys
  22. Collegiate attire
  23. Tailgating Essentials: cooler, etc…
  24. Iron
  25. Winter Peacoat Coat- Every man needs
And it that’s not Enough Check this out
Cheap and Popular Stocking Stuffers for College Kids
Click Pic for Top 6 Recc for Him or Her

20+ Gift Ideas & My Top 6 Picks for Stocking Stuffers

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my home to yours
With love

Any wise words?

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