5 of the Best Ways to Save Money in College

5 of the Best Ways to Save Money in College

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5 Cool Ways to Save Cash in College

At University, money can become more scarce than you think. But I’m here to help you save 🙂

Curb the Cost of College


Trust me, leaning on a meal plan or cooking at home, will save you TONS!! Personally, I LOST over +20 lbs due to stress and walking ?

A high metabolism is great, but not for saving money.

I can show you how to be lean, while your wallet stays fat 🙂 I’ll post some cheap $10 recipes to help you out.

2 Discounts by the Pound

Use. Student. Discounts. Don’t be shy. I know we all love shopping. Well there are discounts galore!!!

You just gotta know where to look

To check them all at one time: retailmenot.com notifies you of the deals in your area as soon as you arrive!

Word to the Wise: Don’t pay for music college students www.spotify.com and www.hulu.com are offering a two for one $5 deal for us college students 🙂 Paying an account in your name is a good way to build credit.

Number 3 We ladies can save money by doing our own hair. Shocking I know, but if I can learn to do mine (with it’s 2 different textures) You will survive. Get protective styles or check out my review on My $500 Wig and How it Saves Money

Guys, there isn’t any excuse for you either. When I had an undercut, I picked up some Wahls clippers and got to clipping. Look up great protective styles to help curb the cost.

Number 4. WAIT TO BUY BOOKS!!! Look, lurk, peep, and search for those discounts honey!! My absolute go to is www.chegg.com It saves you TONS and when you rent/buy books your box comes full of MORE discounts/coupons off. (I’m an English major, so imagine my book collection.) Amazon is great too, but don’t forget: school/local library, free PDF printables, YouTube too. Free is always welcome

I’m a Chegg Affiliate too!

College Textbooks Discounts 2018-2020

I love being affiliated with chegg! Click here for FREE Shipping!

Number 5. Get. a. Job.

Okay, maybe you don’t want the hard hours of retail or food service. Cool. You’re good at something: tutor, edit papers, cook home-cooked meals; it’ll help you earn money, and you’ll help someone that needs it.

If you don’t think you can do it, as every situation is different check out how I juggled 15 hours and 3 Jobs. You CAN do it!!!

Overall make money, you’re going to need it.

As a current college student myself, I just hope to help. Tell me do you have issues budgeting?

Check Out My Money Saving Tips For Ballers on a Budget 

Build your credit without credit cards
There is a method to the madness; I promise

or How I Grew My Credit Score to 777

Just to recap…

1 We should all learn to do our own hair. It’s useful to know, and saves us money.

2 Learn how to budget money for groceries, or use a meal plan to save money on eating out. Fast food adds up. Everywhere… if you catch my drift.

3 Retrieve those discounts with as much pride as you use to slowly cross the crosswalk, and you’ll be fine.

4 Swiper no swiper on your money cards until you compare prices!! Not all schools allow you to charge books to your account. They must be paid via credit or cash on the spot.

5 Getting a job looks good. (or tutoring etc.) There are people who graduate college without ever having actually worked a 9-5. You do not want your resume to be void of actual job experience, preferably in your field/major.

Also, even if you can’t get paid for what you do…help someone else.

Any wise words?

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