10 Things Every College Woman Needs to Know

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1 ‘Peel-N-Stick’ Phone case to hold cards

Yea I know, random. BUT for all the other junk you’re going to buy for your dorm, in college, your ID will be necessary for EVERYTHING: getting into your dorm, dining, even signing in for class or tests. Having a phone case that holds this and other important cards is important.

I included a FREE 2 Page College Packing Checklist here in case you needed more Dorm Haul ideas.


2 A healthy schedule to maintain good sleeping, eating, studying, and social habits.

This  varies for everyone, but for both the worker and non-working college student I recommend starting early and scheduling classes M-F 9am -3pm. Fill in work, and social after these hours.

3 Lets Be Wise. Make your own emergency kit.

If you’re sexually active, buy condoms ahead to avoid getting caught needing one later. I decided to use them and birth control, but of course, to each her own 🙂 Smartest kit I’ve ever seen was: first aid, condoms, a Plan B pill, Tums, Excedrin extra strength, and a pregnancy test… Someone might need one of these even if you don’t.

4 I know you will want to look your best in college.

If you’re at an HBCU that’s a guaranteed fashion show every day. At my PWI, some wore T-shirts, and leggings; others during finals wore pajamas.

Hey either way, you should know how to look good for less money.

I had short natural hair, and LOVE MAKEUP here are my tips to maintain yours for little to nothing. Check out my Makeup Dupes for < $10

5 Avoid relationships.

I’m not saying break up if you’re in one, but if single…date regularly and take no one seriously. It is college. You’re not there for a relationship with anyone except yourself.

I truly wish someone had told me that. So be wiser than me.

6 Be kind to yourself.

If you struggle, try better than your best and then rest. If you beat yourself up every time you fail it will be a brutal 4 years. So again, be kind.

7 Cater to your mental health.

College is an adjustment in all ways. Anxiety and depression won’t care about class, and eating right, and being antisocial. I meditate, I paint, I write poetry, I cry, I watch comedy, movies, whatever I need to do to ease whichever beast I’m battling. And then I thank the people who go through the dark with me. Reread the first line of this paragraph.

8 College Freshmen Save your damn money

Yes you read that right. I don’t want to sound like your mom so here’s the short version. Save about $1,000 – $2,000 in a credit union savings account.


Until you do that you can’t unlock 9 and 10. Save it for later, you’re not ready.

9 Pay on your debts.

Plain and simple. If you know you will owe money at the end of the semester starting stacking now.


10 Build your credit WHILE IN COLLEGE

  • Credit unions offer lower loan rates than other kinds of banks.
  • The more you pay on what you owe, the less interest you have to pay at the end.

Building credit is probably the most important fiscal journey every adult in America has to face. Start early. Start now. I built my credit to 740, not because I’m rich but because I have a plan.


I brought these tips together to help you out in case no one ever gave you the raw truth about college and in an effort to help you Make the Wise Choice.


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What Tips do you have? Share below.


Until Next time

– Doorress


Any wise words?

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