10 Items Every College Freshman Needs

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Yes, just a quick post about the ten things I was glad I brought with me. I can’t lie my mom did her due diligence too, by getting me the mattress protector.

No I don’t wet the bed, it’s just to protect it from me. However, IF you don’t listen to anything else. Believe me, GET a mattress pad from somewhere.

***affiliate links are present in some of these links, but I have a version of all of these products. See my policy, and disclaimer here.***

Word to the Wise: Buy sheet sets, as most bedding for your dorm bed will be TWIN XL. Regular sheets won’t fit.

10 Items Every College Freshman Needs

TWIN XL Mattress Pad TOPPER– Good sleep is important, and usually dorm issued mattress pads are waterproof, but are sometimes comfort proof as well. You’ll be tired enough to sleep anywhere, but mattress pads DO make a difference to your quality of sleep.

TWIN XL Mattress Protector– I thought this was a silly thing to get until I read up on how prominent bed bugs are. Do your own research here.

Dorm Storage– Gosh! So many options, but ottoman is the way to go; it’s utilitarian: decor, storage, seat, foot rest, step-stool.  Either way, buy more than you need, guarantee you’ll fill it. Most dorms come with a designated desk area in the room, think of desk organization/storage for studying.

Surge protector with ports- You may only have a few outlets available in your room. Believe me, you don’t want to know the joys of getting ready, charging a phone, heating up breakfast, etc with two plugs across the room from the other. I always recommend this item, and it’s compliment pieces below.

Portable Phone Charger- You’d be surprised how quickly your battery can beat you to being only 10% charged. Coffee won’t help your IPhone. A portable phone charger was something I put in my purse and carried to the football games. This one is compatible with more than just phones! Perfect Tailgating necessity!

Extra-long phone cord- YOU WILL NEED THE THIS. I PROMISE. Search for yours here: Androids ( the best) IPhone Chargers

Shower Caddy– I bought my plastic cosmic colored caddy at Bed Bath and Beyond. I love the hard plastic because I never worried about mildew that you may find with mesh caddies; and it carried all my junk. Perfect for community showers!

Laundry Hamper– Again Bed Bath and Beyond came through and I bought an expensive one that was split in half, (perfect for seperating whites, and darks) and it had pouches to help me tote detergent, and my body weight in quarters.

Quarters– Literally $0.25, at least $20.00 worth to get you started. Don’t leave these coin wrappers around.

Put all monies inside a Lockbox, or safe.

Trust me this list gets longer…Download a free printable to help you keep up with it all!

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My faves: Duracell Portable Charger, EXTRA LONG Charger for my Android and my lovely Cool Gel Mattress Topper

Any wise words?

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